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How to Get Fishing Tackle and Bait

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Season of the Deep, the twenty-first season in Destiny 2 is heavily water themed. Players have to explore the depths of the methane oceans of Titan to uncover secrets that will aid in the fight against the Witness. One thing that surprised players is the new relaxing activity that is fishing.

Fishing is a brand-new activity that allows players to put away their guns and pick up a fishing rod to catch a variety of fish across three destinations (EDZ, Nessus, and Savathun’s Throne World). Excluding the Exotic Fish, there are twenty-eight fish that players can catch. But before Destiny 2 players can fish, they must complete a quest to obtain the Fishing Tackle.


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How to Obtain the Fishing Tackle


The Fishing Tackle is an item that tracks how many fish players have caught so far along with how much Bait has been gathered for fishing. Destiny 2 players can hold up to 500 fish and 500 Bait. Unfortunately, players do not start Season of the Deep with the Fishing Tackle. They will have to first complete the intro mission for Season of the Deep that sets the scene for the rest of the story.

After that, Destiny 2 players will also have to complete the first week of the “Into the Depths” quest which introduces players to both Salvage and Deep Dive seasonal activities. Upon completing the first week of that quest, players will get the Fishing Tackle and will have to speak to Hawthorne in the Tower after that.

From here, players will have to go and gather 20 Bait. After 20 Bait has been gathered, Destiny 2 players must go to the Outskirts in the EDZ and catch five fish. The quality of the fish does not matter for this quest step. Once five fish have been caught, go to Nessus to catch five fish there and then head to Savathun’s Throne World to catch five fish there as well.

Even after catching fish at the three destinations, players still have a few more steps before they can complete the intro quest for fishing in Destiny 2. With every Season of Destiny 2, a new wing is opened in the H.E.L.M. One thing that players may have noticed is the large tank of water in this newly opened area. Every time players obtain a fish they haven’t caught yet, they can release it into the fish tank. Even if players have fish they have already caught before, they can still be turned in for rewards like Glimmer and reputation with the Sonar Station.

How to Get Bait

Destiny 2 Public Event Chest

While Bait is not necessary for fishing, it does significantly improve the chances of getting higher quality fish when a fish is caught. Seasonal activities, patrol missions, looting destination materials, playlist activities, and public events all reward Bait. However, the most efficient method for farming Bait is by completing heroic public events since it can reward up to eight Bait.

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