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How to get Bump in the Night Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2

Rocket Launchers have made quite the name in the current Destiny 2 sandbox. Players can efficiently deal more than enough damage to bosses by pairing the weapon type with Gjallarhorn since Wolfpack Rounds can significantly increase the numbers.

Bump in the Night, an Aggressive Framed Rocket Launcher from Season of the Haunted, is considered one of the most potent weapons in its archetype. Since the archetype itself is pretty tough to obtain, this weapon is available from the Crown of Sorrow vendor in the HELM.

The following article will guide you through the process of acquiring the weapon, as you will need to have five deepsight patterns to make it craftable.

Destiny 2 Bump in the Night Rocket Launcher: How to get, god rolls, and more

1) The fastest way to obtain

Since Bump in the Night is craftable, let’s go over the fastest method you can use to get your hands on the deepsight versions. Similar to the upgrades available on multiple seasonal vendors, the Crown of Sorrow is also generous enough to grant one guaranteed red-bordered weapon, be it seasonal or opulent.

Focusing Deepsight upgrade (Image via Destiny 2)
Focusing Deepsight upgrade (Image via Destiny 2)

To get the Haunted Rocket Launcher, you will need to have the Sever Deepsight and the Focusing Deepsight upgrades from the vendor. The former will help you get a guaranteed red-bordered weapon after redeeming a Bound presence each week, while the latter will grant you a guaranteed red border after focusing each week.

Sever Deepsight upgrade (Image via Destiny 2)
Sever Deepsight upgrade (Image via Destiny 2)

Note that this process will become unavailable once Lightfall drops on February 28. Hence, those that are looking to get seasonal weapons from Risen to Seraph should start doing so right now. Opening chests at the end of a seasonal activity also has a slim chance of dropping red-bordered or god-roll seasonal weapons.

2) Increased chance of god roll

Adding to the method mentioned above, you will need to get one more upgrade from the Crown of Sorrow vendor to ensure a god roll on the drops. This is for times when you’re not willing to craft a specific weapon from the collection.

Focusing Double Perk (Image via Destiny 2)
Focusing Double Perk (Image via Destiny 2)

Since collecting all five versions of the same weapon can be a tiring task, getting an extra perk can always help in getting the god roll you want. The last perk in the first column, Focusing Double Perk, will grant an additional perk on the first Opulent or Haunted-focused weapon after a weekly reset.

3) Perks that you need in Bump in the Night

Being an Aggressive Framed weapon, Bump in the Night deals increased damage to the initial impact, compared to the Adaptive or Precision archetypes. As mentioned earlier, you can amplify this damage by pairing the weapon with Gjallarhorn’s Wolfpack Rounds.

Bump in the Night perks (Image via Destiny 2)
Bump in the Night perks (Image via Destiny 2)

However, for perks, anything with Auto-Loading Holster will work during boss DPS phases. While players still prefer Vorpal Weapon due to the absence of decent damage perks, Frenzy can be a great addition as well. Unlike the Precision Framed archetype, Bump in the Night cannot track its target.

Hence, you will need to be precise until the last second before shooting a projectile at your target.

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