How To Get A Man To Pay All Your Bills

So, how to get a man to pay all your bills and never take another dime? You probably already know that when you have an overwhelming debt and you can’t pay it off, the creditor will come after you until you are in bankruptcy court. That is not fun and no one in their right mind wants to be a part of that type of scenario. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this from happening and you can do it if you follow a few simple rules. Here are some things you should never do when trying to get a man to pay all your bills.


Never ask your man for favors. Men love to have things and they always expect some sort of reward for doing just that. The problem with this is that you might get so caught up in the moment and realize that you are in way over your head and can’t afford to pay all your bills. It is better just to agree to pay half and hope he gets it eventually than to get absolutely none at all.


Never ask for any favors in return for what you are asking him to do for you. This is also a big turn off and will drive him away. You may think that he likes you because you are sweet and caring or you compliment him on his good looks, but he won’t take advantage of that and will instead tell you that you need to stop asking for favors and start looking for some things on your own. It is a tactic designed to make him feel unappreciated and it has worked well for women all throughout history.


Women who ask how to get a man to pay all your bills are really only making the request to get some kind of favor. Men are not a charity and they will not do favors for women just so they can feel nicer about themselves. Men will actually do favors for women if they are needed, such as when they have to go to the hospital or to pick their children up. Men really just don’t expect a woman to voluntarily give them anything.


In order to get a man to pay all your bills, you should also be his friend. Men love being treated like they are the center of attention. They want to be the center of their own world and when you focus on doing things together that focus him, he will find you attractive. You can show him where all the good food is and encourage him to dine there with you and his friends.


You can also ask how to get a man to pay all your bills by having him assume the role of the main income provider. Men really do not like the thought of having to do this but it is an opportunity they need in order to keep you happy. If he is able to contribute a little bit, it will help him feel more responsible and he may start to feel like it is his duty to provide. Make sure you take care of any bills he takes care of and encourage him to save as much money as possible because that is going to be the key to your financial future. It’s important that you work together so he realizes how much you depend on him.


Another great way to get a man to pay all your bills is to create a partnership. Although you don’t have to rely on each other financially, it is still a good idea to have a joint account where he takes care of all your bills while you pay yours. Just make sure you both do your best to spend wisely and only use funds that are absolutely necessary.


One last strategy to get a man to pay all your bills would be to play hard to get. Let him know that you intend to move if you aren’t having any luck getting what you want. Invite him over to the place you have decided to move to and wait there for a few days while he pays your rent. If he doesn’t, then it will be his job to create drama for you and to cause a stir. If he does, you will be the one taking care of moving day. If your goal is to get a man to pay all your bills read Zodiac Compatibility on Amazon by the Zodiac. You will learn everything you need to know.