How to Cut a Watermelon

Find out how to cut an entire watermelon into cubes, spears, and pieces for snacking and to utilize in all of your preferred dishes. We’ll even teach you how to choose one out!

Large stack of watermelon cut into triangles.

You understand it’s summer when the supermarket are equipped with entire watermelon! Watermelon really is the best summer season treat. It is juicy, revitalizing, and completely crisp. Our household simply can’t get enough! Cutting a watermelon, nevertheless, can appear complicated. We’re here to stroll you through it action by step, and it is a lot simpler than you believe! You’ll never ever need to purchase pre-cut watermelon once again!

How to choose a ripe watermelon:

There are a couple of methods to inform if a watermelon is ripe:

  • If you hold it versus your tummy and offer it a pat, you need to feel a great thump versus your tummy.
  • The webbing needs to be bigger. Smaller sized and tighter webbing suggests it was chosen prematurely and will not be as sweet.
  • The underside area where the watermelon rested on the ground needs to be big and yellow or gold, not little or white.
  • It needs to smell a little sweet.
  • It needs to feel heavy for its size.
  • Rounder is much better than lengthened.
Visual guide to picking the perfect watermelon. Elongated watermelons are watery. Round watermelons are sweeter. White spots mean they are tasteless. Orange spots are delicious. Green stems mean the watermelon isn't ripe while a dry stem means it is right. Smaller webbing means the watermelon is bland while larger webbing means it is sweet.
All watermelons originate from the ovary of the plant. “Male” and “Female” remain in quote marks since they are simply a memory gadget to assist you keep in mind which is which. “Males” are lengthened and have more liquid, while “Females” are round and sweet.

Storage Guidelines:

Shop cut watermelon in an airtight container in the fridge for approximately 5 days.

An uncut, entire watermelon can be kept on the counter top for approximately 2 weeks.

Freezer Guidelines for cut watermelon:

Location your cubed watermelon in a single layer onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and location in the freezer. When frozen, get rid of cubed watermelon and location into a ziplock bag prior to then returning back to the freezer. Cut watermelon kept in the freezer needs to last for approximately 3 months.

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Watermelon triangles.

Find out how to cut an entire watermelon into cubes, spears, and pieces for snacking and to utilize in all of your preferred dishes.

Prepare Time 10 minutes

Overall Time 10 minutes


Triangles with Skin

  • Start by cutting off about 1-inch pieces off of both ends of the watermelon. Attempt to cut as equally as possible.

  • Stand the watermelon on among the blunt ends and cut the watermelon in half length smart, leading to bottom.

  • Cut the halves into halves so now you have 4 quarters.

  • Lay among the quarters, rind side down on a cutting board. Utilizing a sharp knife, thoroughly cut the watermelon pieces to the density you prefer.

  • Repeat with the staying quarters.

Rindless cubes or sticks

  • Begin by cutting both ends of the watermelon off to make blunt ends, about an inch worth.

  • Stand the watermelon upright and utilizing a long, sharp knife, sculpt down all the sides of the watermelon skin just cutting off the skin, about an inch deep. Repeat all the method around the watermelon till all that is left is the pink watermelon flesh.

  • As Soon As all of the skin is sculpted off, cut the watermelon into half and after that into quarters.

  • You can cut into smaller sized cubes or longer watermelon sticks at this point.


If you don’t intend on consuming all the watermelon, just cube what you are going to consume and leave the bigger pieces uncut so that they do not lose their juices as quickly.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.