How to Create an Archive Folder in Outlook

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to go into the outlook and learn how to create an archive folder in Outlook. The problem is that most people are not familiar with the option of sending a file and then saving that file to an archive folder and then retrieving the files from the archive later on. The way this works is that you have some documents saved in your email account such as work emails or other important documents. However, your email account might not be able to save the file when you save it to the mailbox and you might need to create the folder and then send the document from Outlook.


The first step in learning how to create an archive folder in Outlook is to create the folder itself. To do this, go to the Mail pane, and select the User mailbox or the main mailbox in the world map. On the left side there is an empty text box. Type the folder name that you want to create. Click on the plus sign symbol and then type the folder name you want to create. This will add the folder to the list of items in the Inbox pane of Outlook.


The next step is to add the folder to the Inbox. Open the Mail pane and then select the folder you created. Under the General section there is a button called Add Item and there is a radio button that says Select to organize a message. You can choose which type of organization you want to create by clicking on the radio button and then choose the folder you want to organize the message in.


Once you have done all of these steps, you can then close the Mail pane and click on the Save button. The next step is to click on the Select button and this will display the items that are currently available in the Inbox. You will see the names of the messages that you have created in the Inbox and there will be a number associated with them. If you have any items in the inbox that you no longer need you will delete them by clicking on the Remove button.


Now we will look at how to create a filter to remove some items from the Inbox. To do this, go to the Filter section of the Accounts Setup screen. The first item that you will notice is the All Items item. You will see a check box next to the separator for custom groups. If you click on the check box labeled Other, you will be able to add other custom groups such as Recipient Group and Archive Automatic Mailing.


When you click on the plus sign and click on Search, you will be able to search for the message that you want to remove from the folder. Depending on your search criteria, you will find a variety of messages that are related to the folder you have opened. If you click on the plus sign again you will narrow down the folder search so that only relevant messages are returned. Once you have filtered the folder, click on the Remove button to remove the message from the folder.


When you have completed the steps in how to create an archive folder in Outlook tutorial, you will be able to search and remove messages from Outlook using the same techniques that you used when you were searching and creating a folder. The only difference will be that you will be doing it from your email program. The next time that you log onto your email program, an archiving message will appear. It will ask you to save the message in a different folder, which can be done by clicking on the Plus Sign next to the folder you want to put the message into.


In this how to create an archive folder in Outlook tutorial, we discussed opening and saving messages in the Microsoft Outlook email program. We also looked at how to use the plus sign in creating folders, how to create a folder and the benefits of archiving your messages. By following these simple steps, you will be able to manage your email quickly and easily from any computer, even if you are on the road.