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How To Complete The Warpriest Challenge in Destiny 2 (King’s Fall Raid)

To complete the Devious Thievery Warpriest Challenge in Destiny 2, Guardians must conduct the swift rotation of a buff between teammates.

“Devious Thievery” is a Raid challenge in Destiny 2 that Guardians must complete while facing the Warpriest, an Ascendant Hive who serves as one of the Taken King’s most powerful Knights. Defeating this boss involves a strategy that operates somewhat similarly to the Totems challenge regarding rotations and team coordination. Guardians must work with their Raid party in Destiny 2 to hold their positions on circular plates while two group members work together to exchange a buff called Brand of the Initiate.


After solving the correct sequence of the circular platforms in the boss chamber, the Guardian will receive the Brand of the Initiate to step on the last plate. The buff will generate a red aura that the rest of the Raid party must stand in to deal damage to the Warpriest. Therefore, players must ensure that their offensive abilities are not on cooldown and their weapons are reloaded to unleash their fury on the boss as soon as the Brand’s aura is active. However, similar to the Totems’ Brand of the Weaver, the Brand of the Initiate does not last forever and must be “stolen” from another player using an orb called Brand Claimer.

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Thanks to footage provided by YouTube content creator gmeiners, players can know how to coordinate their team to complete the “Devious Thievery” challenge during the Warpriest boss battle of the “King’s Fall” Raid. For further clarification, participants can refer to the steps below.

Completing The Devious Thievery Challenge In Destiny 2

Step No. Walkthrough Details
  • After triggering the aura from the Brand of the Initiate, the Guardians must collectively fire at the Warpriest.
  • If the buff timer for the Brand of the Initiate runs out, the Guardian with the status effect will die.
  • To prevent this from happening, another player must leave the aura and hunt down a Blight Guard to retrieve its Brand Claimer drop.
  • Typically, the Guardian with the Brand Claimer will go to wherever their team is located to steal the Brand of the Initiate.
  • However, the Devious Thievery challenge in Destiny 2 requires speed, meaning that this exchange must occur within a few seconds.
  • Accordingly, it is essential for the team to position themselves in the middle section of the chamber to allow the Brand Claimer carrier to quickly return to the group.
  • It should be noted that the Blight Guard’s Brand Claimer will not disappear until it has been picked up.
  • Therefore, players should coordinate to move near the side where the Blight Guard spawns for a fast and effortless transfer.

Source: gmeiners

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