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How To Complete The In Candescent Triumph

In Candescent is one of the four Triumphs Guardians need to complete in Destiny 2 before they can guild the new Flamekeeper title from Solstice.

The In Candescent Triumph is one of the more challenging tasks that Guardians have to complete in Destiny 2, and there is a limited amount of time to complete it. With just a little more than a week left of the Solstice event in Destiny 2, players must diligently complete their Triumphs to earn the Flamekeeper title. In Candescent is one of the 24 Triumphs that Guardians must complete for the Flamekeeper title, and players need to meet a couple of requirements before it can be claimed.

Before attempting the In Candescent Triumph, Guardians must fully upgrade their Candescent armor set in Destiny 2. Fully upgrading the armor set is a multi-step process that will take Guardians time to complete, as every Solstice Event Challenge needs to be finished as well. To fully upgrade the Candescent armor set, Guardians must use the Silver Leaves, Silver Ash, and Kindling currencies unique to the Solstice Event. Kindling is earned by completing the Event Challenges, and there are enough challenges to reward players with the needed amount of Kindling to upgrade all of their armor pieces on a single character.


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Fortunately, it’s easier earning Silver Leaves and Silver Ash during the Solstice Event than Kindling. Silver Leaves are passively gathered as players complete almost any activity in Destiny 2 while wearing a single piece of Candescent armor. However, Silver Leaves are not a reward for completing Bonfire Bash. Guardians can get Silver Ash in Destiny 2 through the Bonfire Bash activity after accumulating enough Silver Leaves. At the end of the Bonfire Bash, players can interact with the bonfire to turn some of their Silver Leaves into Silver Ash. Guardians earn more Silver Ash at the end of the Solstice activity for every equipped piece of Candescent armor.

How To Complete The In Candescent Triumph

Destiny 2: How To Get The Flamekeeper Title

To complete the In Candescent Triumph, Guardians must complete dungeons, raids, Master or Grandmaster Nightfalls, or win rounds of Trials of Osiris while wearing the entire set of fully rekindled Candescent armor. The best activities to complete for this Triumph depend on the stats of the Candescent armor. However, players may find completing easier dungeons with Solar 3.0 builds in Destiny 2 is the path of least resistance. Dungeons like Shattered Throne or Pit of Heresy are excellent options.

While players can earn the Flamekeeper without finishing the In Candescent Triumph, they will need it in order to Guild the title. Regardless, Guardians cannot complete this title once the Solstice event ends in Destiny 2. Additionally, In Candescent is only one of four Triumphs that have to be completed to guild the title, with the other three being Bonfire Dash, From the Ashes, and Inextinguishable.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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