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How to Complete A Spark of Hope Quest in Destiny 2

Of all the quests you’ll have to complete on your entry into Destiny 2, A Spark of Hope is one of the first you’ll encounter. A Spark of Hope will be one of the first quests you can take on after completing the first quest that gets you started in the world of Destiny 2, New Light. You can begin A Spark of Hope as soon as you can get to the Tower for the first time. If you keep reading along, you can learn exactly how to complete the A Spark of Hope Quest in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: How to Complete A Spark of Hope Quest

Destiny 2 A Spark of Hope Quest Guide

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When you first visit The Tower in Destiny 2, you can head to Commander Zavala to pick up the A Spark of Hope Quest. Once you’ve got the quest and are ready to start it, speak with Commander Zavala again. Throughout the duration of the quest, you’ll be doing a lot of talking to NPCs and learning what they all do. Once you’ve spoken to Commander Zavala, it’s time to move on to the next NPC. Next, you’ll have to talk to Ikora Rey. Now, the next step of the quest is to Devrim Kay.

Step 2 of A Spark of Hope Quest in Destiny 2

Now, you’ll have to head over to the EDZ and locate Devrim Kay. When you head to the EDZ, try to land in the Trostland area. It’ll put you close to Kay. Head into the church that you land near and get to the top floor. You will find Devrim Kay there. Once you talk with Devrim Kay, you’ll find that he wants you to help him clear out 3 Lost Sectors. The three sectors that you will be tasked with clearing are:

  • Terminus East
  • Widow’s Walk
  • Atrium

All 3 Lost Sectors are very close to the church and can be found pretty easily. If you check the map, you can find them with ease.

Once all 3 Lost Sectors are cleared, you’ll have to head back to Devrim Kay to find out what to do next. Returning to Devrim Kay and speaking with him will deliver 3 map pieces that he will then decode for you. The map pieces lead you to the 3rd step of the A Spark of Hope Quest in Destiny 2.

Step 3 of A Spark of Hope Quest in Destiny 2

The third portion of this quest will take you to another mini-quest within your quest, the Risk/Reward Quest. This one’s really easy to get to. You just have to locate its node in the Cosmodrome and begin at any time. The quest is easy and quick to finish, but be sure to wear armor with some decent agility on them, as you’ll be doing a lot of jumping around!


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Now, the last step you have to do to complete this quest is to return to The Tower and speak with Commander Zavala again. Once you’ve collected your quest reward and a new Emblem, you’re finished! Be sure to check out more Destiny 2 guides here, and as always, have fun!

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