How to Cast Love Spells

Voodoo love Spells are among the strongest spells known today. In most cases they are associated with a wish to totally return love to those who have lost it. Voodoo Love Spells help solve a number of issues connected to love, and in many cases they use herbs, talisman, shells, stones, and the most popular of all is the Voodoo doll.


Voodoo is a religion and a set of beliefs vary between people and the rituals can be just as different. Most of the time, however, they include a wish for love to be returned to the object of love.


Some examples of Voodoo spells can be very simple. A person wishing for love to be returned to someone they care about can put an herb called ‘Sapom’ on their forehead. It is said that this will cause the other person to become attracted to them again. The herb is known to be poisonous, but some believe that using it in this way is completely harmless.


Another example of Voodoo is the ‘Lilith Charm.’ This is a symbol for fidelity that involves a long chain of small charms. The person wishing for love to be returned will attach one of these small charms to each person they love in turn. These people will then carry the chain and place it around their neck until it disappears. In some cases they believe that the chain will be broken by some evil force and will be taken to the afterlife where it will play a major role in their life.


A spell for love to be returned is known as the ‘Killer’s Kiss’ and is performed in two ways. In the first, the caster will kiss the object of love (usually his/her lovers) to appease it and request that it returns. The second, the more traditional, way to perform this spell is for the caster to create a black magic potion and drink it before kissing the object of love.


A spell for love to be returned involves using herbs from the Voodoo world to put a curse upon the object of love. These herbs are known to have the power to turn the object of love into its opposite: into death.


A spell for love to be returned involves using the powers of crystals, gemstones, snakes, dragons, stars, and many other items to protect and ward off the object of love from harm. They are then used to try and bring love back into the lives of the victim of this spell, which is often a good omen in the eyes of the spell caster.


A spell for love to be returned has been known to be accomplished through Voodoo, although this practice is more than likely not common. However, it is believed to be quite effective. In fact, some Voodoo practitioners have said that they can even make a person fall in love by using the powerful energies contained in their spell book.


A spell for love to be returned is often referred to as the ‘Void Spell.’ In this type of spell, the object of love is considered to be at a point where it would be in its most vulnerable, and the individual casting the spell knows that the love of the victim is actually going to die.


The Voodoo god of lust Amenhotep is thought to be able to make the love of the victim come true. If this god is powerful enough being, then he can be said to be able to take the love away from the victim.


In order to learn how to cast these spells, one can go to a Voodoo parlor and purchase books on the subject that detail the ways in which spells are cast. A Voodoo priest will teach them the correct procedure. The practitioner will then use the proper oils to infuse the blood of Amenhotep on the area where the subject needs to be, and then will either use an incense burner or candle to cast the spell.


In some circles the Voodoo priest will be known as the wisest of spellcasters, as they are well aware of the dangers of attempting to cast spells of love. Some people may be suspicious of spells of love that involve the use of such products, as they fear that they may be used for evil purposes. Still, in other parts of the world, spells for love to be returned to use the powers of the god of lust to bring love back into the lives of the subjects involved.