How to Build the Abs With Hand Grips

Work out with a variety of sets of hand grips on your routine workout to speed up and tone your forearms, wrists, and fingers. Place one-hand grip on the palm to start off a good hold-and-squeeze exercise.


This workout requires no equipment. Hold the fist at an angle from the palm so that it forms a half-moon. Let the forearm sink down to the side. Make a fist into the other hand, then bring them back together. The repetition should be repeated a few times.


When you raise the fist to your wrist angle, make sure the hand is as straight as possible. Squeeze and release as if you are attempting to rip a rubber band off. Keep doing this until your wrist is completely relaxed. You can increase the resistance by pulling harder on the handles but keep your wrist angle the same. Do four sets for each hand.


Another variation to these hand grips involves lowering the wrist slowly to your wrist angle. Make sure you are holding onto both handles, not just the thumb or index finger. Squeeze and release to get a full stretch. Do five sets with each hand.


The second variation is where you hold onto the other hand, instead of your hand grip. Make sure the other hand is slightly bent so that your hands are parallel. Squeeze and release like you are trying to rip your wrist off. Continue to do five sets for each hand.


Many people wonder if the two hand holds will provide any benefit to their hand strength exercises. While they are important, these two hold-and-squeeze workouts aren’t as effective as the full-arm exercises. It takes more strength in your upper and lower body to hold onto the handles than it does to hold onto the thumb or index finger. The full arm exercises use both arms to support each other. This allows you to develop both forearm strength and muscle in all the upper and lower body.


A good workout to do after you have done one of these two is to hold a plate above the grip and hold it your middle. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat the first workout for both hands. This is a good workout because it builds endurance and strength in your forearm muscles.


You will find that while wrist strength can be improved, this workout doesn’t do much for increasing the strength of your upper back, upper chest or abs. For that, you need a heavier set of push-ups or pull-ups.


There are many different ways to strengthen the abs and upper back and the same workout will not work for everyone. You will need to do a combination of exercises depending on how strong your core and abdominals are.


If you want to make the most out of your full-body workout, you need to focus your exercises on both arms, legs, and back. This will allow you to do a full range of motion and work the large muscle groups.


To maximize the benefits of your full-body workout, you should do more than one workout each week. It would be better to do one arm, one leg, and one back workout instead of having one exercise for the entire arm, leg, back and trunk.


A full-body workout also allows you to improve your balance. If you can do one exercise for each muscle group, your body will have a better chance of performing at its maximum level of ability.


If you want to strengthen your muscles and strengthen your abs, try to do exercises that require more of an emphasis on your core. A good example of this would be sit ups or crunches. To get the best hand grips make sure you shop at Fitness On Pinterest today.