How to Bring a Side Chick Home

You can have a great side chick as long as you understand some tips and strategies. A side chick is one that is on the same level as you as the male. These are typically seen around the female of the species, but you can have one that is close to your chest as well. You will have to be aware of the size of the side chick to know how to handle them.

The first tip you need to know is that these chicks are territorial. They have to show the male that they are there before they will allow them to mate with them. They will also be very vocal and will be calling out to you as well as the male.

You will need to be aware that when the side chick is ready to mate it is very vocal. It will let the male know that it is ready to mate, and they will do the same. You will want to keep your distance from the side chick for the first few days after it is ready to mate.

They will not come near the male at first because they want to be around the female before they try to mate. It is important to keep your distance for about a week after it is ready to mate so you do not come close to the male until you know it is ready.

You will need to let the male know that the side chick is ready. You can do this by going right up to the side chick and giving it a pat. They will then look at you and move its head away from you.

You will then want to approach the male and the female at the same time. This will be easier to do because you will be facing the female and the male in front of you at the same time.

You will want to slowly approach the female and the male. You do not want to approach them so quickly because you do not want to frighten the side chick off of the female and cause her to run away.

You can also use your tail to make it easier to get to the side chick and the male at the same time. If you have a large penis, you can use it to make it easier to approach the side chick because it will take longer for them to see you.

If you do not have a tail then you will want to bend down and try to get the male to look at you. The male will also be looking for you, so he will want to make a decision right away.

If you are approaching the female and the male at the same time, you will want to turn to the side and then move to the male. Once you are there, you will then want to give it a pat and tell it that you are there for them.

This will get them to turn around to look at you and look for the male. The male will want to mate with the female, so you do not have to try to get the male to mate with you unless you first.

Once you have been there and told the male that you will mate with him, you will want to take the male into a different area. This is the female’s place.

You do not want to come back to where you came from so you do not scare the side chick off of the female or scare off the female. This is the female’s place and it is her job to take care of it.