How to Become a Paramedic

Paramedic jobs are among the first responder jobs, which require a good knowledge of first aid, CPR, and AED (automated external defibrillator). Paramedics should have a certification for the relevant course and be well qualified to perform the task. Most of the Paramedic jobs require you to be physically fit to be able to assist the patients who are in cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest or shock. The job also requires you to have the skills to administer a first aid till professional help arrives.


There are various training programs that are conducted for paramedics so that they can become a certified paramedic. In United States, there are many emergency medical direction and paramedic courses are offered in several colleges and universities. While in other countries, these programs are conducted separately. Generally, these programs take two years to complete.


During the program, the students are taught all about CPR, and AEDs as well as other emergency medical services like giving injections, checking pulse, respiratory distress etc. The student is taught how to assess the patient’s condition to plan the next steps accordingly. The courses also cover the legal aspects of emergency medical services and emergency medical direction. They teach the students about patient transfers, triage, communications, transporting the patient to the hospital, providing interpretation, transporting the patient home, etc.


Many aspiring paramedics are unable to complete the required courses in a short period of time because of various reasons. Some people are unable to pay the fees for the paramedic program. In some cases, the person might not have sufficient time to attend the classes regularly. And some people do not have enough money to participate in the course. But now there are options available to fund the education of a paramedic through various programs and loans.


There are two ways in which the aspiring paramedics can fund their education and the first one is to get a state-approved EMT course. The second way is to get a CNA or certified nursing assistant course. Both these courses offer a lot of opportunities to learn about basic first aid and CPR. Once you are done with the course, you should pass the state-approved paramedic exam. Then you should receive your paramedic license.


The next step in learning how to become a paramedic is to get a CNA or certified nursing assistant license. This is the step that will take you closer to becoming a paramedic. Once you pass the state-approved EMT course, you should be able to sit for your first paramedic exam. If you pass the exam, then you will be awarded your license. The license is valid for three years and you will need it in order to take the national paramedic test.


Now that you know how to become paramedics, you may be wondering where you can get certified as an EMT. Most of the hospitals and clinics that run the emergency medical system already have their own EMTs. They also have a separate department for paramedics that is given its own funding. This is how the majority of medical professionals who work in the hospitals treat their patients.


Paramedic jobs involve a lot of responsibility, but you will feel more prepared once you get training because you will have a better idea about advanced life support. As a paramedic, you will be responsible for assessing the medical conditions of a patient before transporting him to the hospital. You will also have to demonstrate great patience and understanding with patients who are complaining of pains and respiratory problems. If you need help finding a job as a paramedic head over to Resume Cheetah and let the expert recruiters find a job for you.