How Cubs hope to leverage Jake Arrieta’s comfort into bounce-back season

How Cubs want to utilize Arrieta’s convenience into bounce-back initially appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Chris Young’s colleagues haven’t let him forget that previous Cubs ace Jake Arrieta dropped for 2 years under his watch in Philadelphia.

“We like to give C.Y. a lot of a lot of crap about messing up Arrieta when he got over there,” Cubs supervisor David Ross stated of his bullpen coach in a Zoom interview Sunday. “But it’s all in jest.”

When Arrieta signed with the Cubs this offseason, he signed up with a company that understands his tossing movement much better than any other. Arrieta’s brand-new supervisor captured him for 2 seasons and lagged the meal for among his no-hitters. The core of the group is comprised of Arrieta’s previous colleagues. And while the Cubs personnel detects Arrieta’s decrease over the previous couple of years, Young can use insight from his time in Philadelphia.

Now that Arrieta is healthy – he fought injury in all 3 seasons with the Phillies – the Cubs are intending to utilize their familiarity with the veteran right-hander into a recuperate season.

“All those things are only going to lead to positive outcomes,” Arrieta stated, “being somewhere that you’ve been before with a lot of high-quality relationships that have been developed over the last six or seven years, being familiar with the environment, the people in the organization and understanding what this Cubs organization is truly about. They’ve continued to put great people in the right places, allowing the players to maximize their potential.”

Up until now, so excellent.

In his very first spring training start of the year Sunday, Arrieta quit a single and provided a walk to the very first 2 batters he dealt with. Arrieta’s timing was a little off, he stated. However he retired the next 3 batters he dealt with to leave the inning untouched.

Arrieta tossed a fast 2nd inning: flyout, groundout, groundout.

“Synching up that lower-body/upper-body connection is something that I’m going to continue to wok on over the next few weeks,” he stated.

At age 35, and at the start of spring training, Arrieta’s pitches don’t have rather the very same zip as they did when he won the 2015 NL Cy Young. On Sunday, his fastball touched 93 miles per hour, however he relaxed 90-91.

The Cubs comprehend that and are attempting discover the balance in between adjusting with age and determining where Arrieta left track.

“I think being comfortable with the group around you,” Ross stated, “opens you up to trust and maybe trying new things that you may not do somewhere else.”

Ross’ thinking makes good sense. The Cubs plainly used something as Arrieta turned into among the most dominant pitchers in baseball in his very first Chicago stint.

“Does that mean that I couldn’t have pitched somewhere else successfully (this year)?” Arrieta stated. “No.”

However a reunion couldn’t injure.

Gordon Wittenmyer added to the reporting of this story.

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