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How carbon materials can improve solar power, green hydrogen and battery technology

Carbon has a (justifiably) bad reputation for its role in climate change.

You’ve heard we need to reduce our carbon emissions, our carbon footprint, our carbon miles.

That’s certainly the case, but this is typically carbon that is emitted into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, methane and soot.

Other carbon materials also need a bit of respect. They will be critical to our transition from burning fossil fuels.

Lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and solar panels will all help us reduce our reliance on these old sources of energy — and they all use carbon materials.

Let’s explore a few of the carbon materials that will improve green energy technology.

Without carbon, lithium-ion batteries tend to catch fire

Lithium-ion batteries are a cornerstone technology for decarbonisation.

They will power our electric cars and help buffer renewable energy fluctuations in the grid.

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