Houston Maritime Attorneys

Houston Maritime Attorneys helps their clients in a wide spectrum of maritime and offshore accidents related cases. They represent clients who have been injured, either physically or mentally, as a result of being neglected by another party. Maritime injuries can include injuries resulting from the ocean, such as cruise ships, barges, jet liners, and tankers; and inland waters, such as rivers, streams, canals, and lakes. Many maritime injuries can also be caused by an act of God, or negligence on the part of another person.


One of the many problems that many maritime employees deal with is employer negligence. Employer negligence relates to not providing a safe working environment, which results in employers failing to properly train their employees. This can be especially dangerous when the employee is working with heavy cargo. If an employer fails to properly train their employees, an injury attorney representing an injured worker can often take them to court.


Another area where Houston maritime attorneys can help their clients is in the area of medical bills. If an employee has been injured on the job, they may be entitled to compensation for their medical expenses and other losses. It may be necessary for an injured worker to contact an injury lawyer to determine whether or not they are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.


It may sometimes be difficult for an injured worker to determine whether or not they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Often, this is because the person needs to consult an expert in maritime law. If an accident occurs off the shores of Texas, for example, an attorney representing a worker in this state would be helpful. However, an attorney specializing in offshore accidents may also be helpful. The latter type of maritime lawyer represents clients of all experience levels, no matter what the nature of the accident was.


Offshore accidents often involve large vessels that are operating beyond the boundaries of Texas. If there was damage to the ship or injury to a crew member, an experienced Houston maritime lawyer can help their client files a claim. It is not always easy to prove a case when an offshore accident occurs. Many times it will be necessary to establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the employer was aware of the dangers of working in foreign waters. A skilled Houston maritime lawyer will be able to help their clients obtain the evidence necessary to prove their point.


There are a number of different types of laws that touch on this subject, including acts of nature, navigation, maritime, insurance, and law. Because these lawyers deal with these areas of the law quite often, they will have extensive experience in these fields. Some of the lawyers, who can be found in the Houston area include: Paul, key and cohlick, LLP; Brown, Lewis, and Scholnick; and Cooney and Conway, LLP. There are several fulltime Houston-based lawyers who are part of the large group of Texas law firms.


An important component of maritime attorneys’ jobs is the representation of clients who have been injured or killed while working on or near a commercial vessel. This includes the victims of accidents that happen off the coast of Texas as well as around the Gulf of Mexico and other coastal locations. In fact, the Texas maritime attorneys work closely with sailors, and their families as well as other concerned parties to ensure that the right compensation is provided for the victims. This type of legal representation is referred to litigation funding. It is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that victims of accidents receive the settlements they deserve.


These experienced Houston lawyers will not only be able to provide their clients with the best possible legal representation, but they will also be able to get them the compensation they deserve for their injury. The compensation will depend on many factors, including the degree of responsibility of the individual who caused the accident, the kind of cargo carried aboard the ship, the safety record of the ship owner, and the insurance record of the ship owner. The maritime lawyer will aggressively pursue the vessel owner’s insurance company in order to obtain the most generous settlement possible. If an injury is caused by the negligence of another party, the Houston lawyers will work aggressively to ensure that all of the responsible parties are held financially responsible for any injuries or death that occurred on or off of the ship.