Houston Maritime Attorney

At Cobos Law, Houston Maritime injury attorney is eager to assist injured maritime workers claim compensation from their users. Seamen are constantly at risk of work-related injuries when they’re on the water. The courts also recognize this.


Many maritime employees who’ve suffered injuries on the job in Houston have seen their compensation denied by their employers. A Houston maritime attorney should ensure that his clients receive the maximum amount of benefits that are legally permitted. That’s why it’s essential to select a lawyer with the right experience and the proper ability to win cases for their clients. It’s also important that your lawyer has established a good reputation in the maritime area and that his practice is widely recognized.


You might ask: “Why should I hire a lawyer with experience in mass tort cases?” Mass tort, which involves employee injury lawsuits in which the defendant is held responsible for injuries suffered at the workplace, was specifically designed to protect employees from having to bear the burden of excessive medical expenses that occur when they’re injured while on the job. Your Houston lawyer should be familiar with the important issues surrounding mass tort litigation. And he should also know the various Texas statutes that govern mass tort.


Personal injury attorneys who have a strong track record of winning previously established cases will have a firm grasp of the intricacies of the Houston maritime industry. They’ll also be able to help you if your employer attempts to avoid paying benefits or attempting to disguise the extent of an injury. Most employers are well aware that personal injury lawyers represent employees who’ve been injured on the job. They do not, however, want to be unnecessarily sued.


Hiring experienced Houston lawyers is important because of the intricate tie between maritime legislation and the operation of the business community. As the shipping industry has grown over the years, more laws regarding its operation, regulation, and tax structures have been introduced. Very few of these laws are directly related to the working conditions of those who ship cargo. But the laws that affect the company itself, its directors, employees, and even its customers are all called maritime laws. This is why you need an experienced Houston maritime attorneys to guide you through the minefields of maritime legislation.


One of the most important decisions you may have to make as a shipping company is whether to file for compensation under the Tort Law or the High Seas Act. If you ship cargo from one state to another state, you’re probably required to file a claim there, as well. If, however, you ship goods from one country to another that is within the boundaries of a foreign nation, you’re probably not subject to any type of Torts law or the High Seas Act. However, you should be aware that sometimes your Houston shipping lawyer will advise you to file a claim in one of these two bodies instead of the Tort Law. Also, there are times when you won’t even be entitled to any compensation under the maritime laws of one country, but you’ll be entitled to compensation under the Tort Law regardless.


If your vessel was attacked or interfered with while in international waters, you may be able to file a claim for injuries or damage that resulted from the attack. If, however, you were not harmed while in international waters, you won’t be able to bring a maritime lawsuit against the person who is responsible for the injury. This means that you must choose the country in which the attack happened in order to file a claim for damages.


There are two very different types of compensation that you can seek if you’re injured while working on a ship in the United States or in another foreign nation. You can seek monetary compensation to cover your medical bills and lost wages, or you can file a claim under the normal admiralty laws of your country. If you were injured while working on a ship that belongs to a larger company, you can probably seek financial damages that will be paid into a trust account set up by the manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, you should consult with an experienced Houston maritime attorney who can give you advice about whether or not you have a case. If you do, he or she will help you determine whether the manufacturer will compensate you for pain and suffering or will have to resort to the normal admiralty laws.