Houston Maritime Attorney

Historic Past of Admiralty & Maritime Laws


Many maritime accident victims in Houston seek the assistance of an experienced Houston maritime attorney to file their claim against the company or government entity accountable for the accident. Maritime laws (in addition to admiralty) regulate the conduct of maritime accidents and other situations involving vessels in Houston waters. There are many different types of maritime laws in effect in Texas, including: the International Shipping Facilities Act, which is the main law regarding inland water or inland waterway; the Merchant Marine Act, which applies to marine accidents that occur outside the territorial waters of the United States and grants sweeping damages and other benefits to passengers, crew members and other individuals; the Uniform Maritime Code, which applies to all aspects of maritime law that affect the citizens of Texas; and finally, the Tort Law, which is used in accidents involving boats and other vessels within the state. In order for a maritime accident victim to obtain compensation under one or more of these laws, an experienced Houston maritime attorney must be consulted.


There are many different types of Houston maritime attorney cases that may be filed in court. The most common are personal injury cases. These may include but are not limited to, vehicular collisions, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases. A qualified Houston maritime attorney will be able to inform you about your rights and the steps that should be taken in order to recover for your injuries. There are specific laws that apply to Houston, as well as to Texas, and having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side can be invaluable.


In addition to being a great resource when filing a claim, the experts that a good Houston maritime injury attorney will provide you with are also excellent when it comes to negotiating a settlement. Negotiating settlements for workers’ compensation cases is one of the primary goals of the lawyer. The lawyer will be able to help you get a reasonable settlement that takes into account the suffering endured, the time lost while seeking treatment, and the loss of pay during the months of disability. Along with these, your lawyer will also be well versed in the Occupational Safety, and Health Administration (OSHA) laws, as well as any additional regulations that pertain to your field. Having a highly skilled professional on your team will make the entire process run smoothly, and with greater efficiency.


It is important for maritime injury lawyers to be aware of the different ways in which they may be able to increase the amount of compensation that their clients receive. Sometimes, the worker’s compensation awarded to an individual may not cover the costs of treatment at a hospital. As a result, the lawyer may be able to file for rehabilitation assistance to cover the cost of treatment. When rehabilitation is necessary, your lawyer may also be able to obtain a financial guarantee from the employer, which will provide the worker with money to pay for his or her living expenses while undergoing rehabilitation. In some cases, this can include a monthly stipend, or a percentage of your final wages.


While accidents on the job are a tragedy for all involved, there are some circumstances when a maritime lawyer may be able to help you obtain financial compensation. If you have been injured in an accident that was the fault of another person or business entity, you may have grounds for a claim for compensation. In these instances, the lawyer will work on your behalf to secure the best possible result for you. Many employers are eager to settle these types of cases, since often the costs of medical bills, and rehabilitation can quickly add up. Even if your case is not successful, your Houston lawyer should be able to help you obtain compensatory damages in most instances.


When you are injured on the job, you should always consult with a maritime lawyer before you decide whether or not to pursue a case. This is because many workplace accidents involve normal admiralty law, which means that you may be entitled to workers’ compensation, medical benefits, or other benefits. If you have been injured on the job, and the employer has offered you workers’ compensation benefits, you should consult an attorney to find out whether or not this is actually within the company’s legal responsibility to offer. If it is not, an experienced lawyer will be able to use the workers’ comp laws in your state to help you receive the most substantial settlement possible.


Employers should also be aware that maritime laws vary from state to state. Some maritime laws allow for a lump-sum payment or other immediate monetary compensation for serious injuries, while others may only allow for medical bills and prosthetic devices. For this reason, an experienced Houston maritime lawyer will be able to interpret the maritime laws of your state to determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation. If you are hurt on the job, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to determine whether or not you should pursue a case, and if so, what your chances of winning are. Your medical bills and prosthetic device should be covered by the workers’ comp program of your employer, but the total compensation for pain and suffering should be pursued by an experienced Houston maritime lawyer.