House of Gucci — A Fashion Flop

Ridley Scott’s Home of Gucci obtains Martin Scorsese’s techniques in service of sluggish, muddy storytelling about murder-minded Italians.


ouse of Gucci resembles a walk throughout the cinematic equivalent of Canal Street, where dubious merchants offer ersatz designer product: Rather of a bag whose clasp falls off, the motion picture totals up to a dull, low-cost knockoff of Martin Scorsese.

Movies about flamboyantly dressed Italians setting out to eliminate each other are seldom dull, however 83-year-old Ridley Scott’s 27th function drags. You might believe it’s simple to journey down the years the method Scorsese did, spectacular everybody with wonderful outfits and production style and structure set pieces around pop tunes on the soundtrack while scary individuals do ominous and funny things.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.