House Democrats Unite And Shut Down Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Terrorism

Home Democrats are standing together with AOC and Eric Swalwell and promising not to be daunted by congressional domestic terrorist Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Rep. Jason Crow tweeted:

Rep. Eric Swalwell got in the face of among Greene’s staffers when he attempted to bully the California congressman for using a mask. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez stated that Greene is deeply unhealthy and requires assistance.

Taylor Greene may be able to bully weak-kneed Kevin McCarthy and the rest of your home Republican politician caucus, however she is facing a brick wall with Democrats. Taylor Greene isn’t suitable for Congress. Among the points that the 1/6 commission will require to carefully analyze is the function that Rep. Greene played in the insurrection.

Terrorists can just succeed if they spread out and motivate worry, however Home Democrats aren’t scared.

Democrats were as soon as called derisively called snowflakes by the right, however it is the Republican politician Celebration that is being raked by psycho bullies.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.