Hostages strapped to cars as robbers target banks in Brazil

The aggressors targeted banks in the little city of Aracatuba in the southeastern state of Sao Paulo early Monday.

In a quote to sidetrack police, the burglars placed bombs all over the city. One male was seriously hurt when the gadgets were detonated, losing both his feet, according to authorities.

Throughout the confusion the greatly armed burglars held up 3 banks, hijacking at the same time.

The captives were then connected to the roofings and hoods of 10 vehicles to serve as human guards, authorities stated.

3 individuals passed away in the occurrences — 2 of them victims and one a presumed burglar, according to Sao Paulo military authorities. 5 others were hurt and 2 suspects were collared and sent out to prison.

Armed robbers steal at least $30 million of gold and precious metals in Sao Paulo airport heist

A team of more than 380 law enforcement officers are now searching for more than a lots suspects who stay at big. School classes were suspended in the city, which has a population of around 200,000, following the blasts.

“They [the criminals] had inside information that one of the banks had a large sum of money, so they went to the city,” stated Sao Paulo public security secretary Alvaro Batista Camilo to CNN affiliate CNN Brazil.

Cops stated that more than 20 greatly armed guys performed the attack, including that drones were utilized by the burglars to keep an eye on the streets as they went into the city and got away, Reuters reported.

Individuals were prompted not to leave their houses till all the dynamites were discovered and shut down, Reuters included.

This is the most recent in a string of bank break-ins in Brazil. There were 2 comparable raids last December on successive days in the cities of Cametá and Criciúma, according to Reuters, both on branches of Banco do Brasil.

An earlier variation of this story improperly mentioned the place of Sao Paulo state. It remains in southeastern Brazil.

CNN’s Rodrigo Pedroso reported from Sao Paulo and Lianne Kolirin composed from London.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.