Horned Knight Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Horned Knight is a difficult 2D action-platformer where you should conquer all worries, opponents, and traps as the Hero Knight. Reword fate, with your reliable sword, young Knight – the world depends on it!

Horned Knight reestablishes the Golden era of game video gaming in a hardcore, retro-styled 2D action platformer that pulls no punches. Play as the hero knight, and utilize your sword to rid the castle of evil spirits and undead hiding in the dark. Fitted with several levels, responsive controls, and puzzle-like battle, Horned Knight pushes the gamer to dominate distinct pixel art challenges with the assistance of generous checkpoints and a stimulating soundtrack.

In Horned Knight, determined motion and dexterity is essential. One little mistake can cause your death through 32 pulse pounding levels, using numerous difficulties from fireball wielding skeletons to poisonous snakes, spike traps, swimming pools of lava, and a lot more!

Available and responsive controls make it simple to leap, air-dash, and slash your method through a location. Master the leaping wall climb method and timed slashes to guarantee your hero conserves the higher world!

Make certain to keep the knight’s heart pieces; his life depends on it! Get rid of enormous managers and discover tricks resulting in unidentified courses to discover more heart pieces, so you can continue your wonderful experience. If your heart pieces diminish, it’s back to the last checkpoint for you to show your worth, knight!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.