Homebound senior says she can’t get COVID-19 vaccine | News

GREENWOOD, La. — Since Monday, individuals over the age of 65 will have the ability to get the COVID-19 vaccine. However a few of individuals who certified in the very first stage of the vaccine rollout are still waiting since they can’t get to a vaccination website.

“I’m 82 years old. I don’t know what else to do,” stated Connie Lawrence.

The native New Yorker has actually resided in the house she integrated in Greenwood considering that 1992, even broadening the doors to accommodate her wheelchair. Her kid lives with her, and her child is next door however they can’t manage a wheelchair available automobile.

“They start at $40,000 and I’m not going to lay out $40,000,” stated Lawrence. “I don’t have it anyway.”

Rather, Lawrence utilizes Homedica Medical Home Calls, based out of Baton Rouge. She has absolutely nothing however appreciation for the program, which permits her to get individual check outs from a nurse when she requires them. However Homedica hasn’t had the ability to get the COVID-19 vaccine, despite the fact that Lawrence believes they would be the perfect program.

“We’re elderly, we’re over 70, and we’re all shut-ins so we have underlying conditions,” stated Lawrence. “This is a valuable program and I couldn’t live without it. I want to continue to live.”

Lawrence likewise utilizes Ballentine Ambulance for transport, however was informed they can’t bind their chauffeurs waiting in line to get the vaccine. Lawrence has actually leased a wheelchair available van for a retinologist visit next week however the rental expenses $100 each day, and she states it’s on a day when they’re not using vaccines.

Since Thursday night, neither Homedica nor Ballentine had actually reacted to KTBS 3’s ask for remark. However Lawrence does not blame them, and hopes the issue can be fixed by cleaning up the bureaucracy.

Lawrence has actually gotten in touch with the workplaces of a number of legislators at the state and regional level, consisting of Sen. Expense Cassidy, who is a medical professional. She’s motivating others in her scenario to connect also.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.