Hollywood pays tribute to Cicely Tyson

Tyson, a starlet understood for her pioneering profession on phase and screen, passed away Thursday, according to her supervisor. She was 96 years of ages.

Due to the news, Tyson’s numerous partners, coworkers and admirers required to social networks to commemorate the famous skill.

“I’m devastated. My heart is just broken. I loved you so much!! You were everything to me! You made me feel loved and seen and valued in a world where there is still a cloak of invisibility for us dark chocolate girls. You gave me permission to dream….because it was only in my dreams that I could see the possibilities in myself. I’m not ready for you to be my angel yet. But…I also understand that it’s only when the last person who has a memory of you dies, that you’ll truly be dead. In that case, you will be immortal. Thank you for shifting my life. Thank you for the long talks. Thank you for loving me.” — through Instagram

Debbie Allen

“#CicelyTyson, you will always be the Life of our Party; celebrating the Beauty of Blackness and the Grace of Greatness. We will forever speak your name.” — through Instagram


“This one hurts, today we honor and celebrate the life of one of the greatest to ever do it. Thank you Cicely Tyson. Rest in great power.” — through Twitter

LeVar Burton

“This one cuts deep. @IAmCicelyTyson was my first screen Mom.. Elegance, warmth, beauty, wisdom, style and abundant grace. She was as regal as they come. An artist of the highest order, I will love her forever.” — through Twitter

Shonda Rhimes

“She was an extraordinary person. And this is an extraordinary loss. She had so much to teach. And I still have so much to learn. I am grateful for every moment. Her power and grace will be with us forever.” — through Instagram

George Takei

“Cicely Tyson has passed. She led a pioneering career in film, a remarkable feat for an African American woman born 96 years ago. An Emmy and Tony award winning actress, her career on screen and on stage stretched an incredible seven decades. We will miss you dearly, Cicely. RIP.” — through Twitter


“I’m so sad to hear the news that trailblazing artist and cultural icon Cicely Tyson has passed away today. While she may be gone, her work and life will continue to inspire millions for years to come. God Bless.” — through Twitter

Tyler James Williams

“Queen Mother Cicely Tyson, I pray for you as glorious and regal a transition as your presence was here with us. Thank you for all of your contributions to the movement & the culture and for allowing so many of us to stand on your incredibly strong shoulders. Rest In Power.” — through Twitter

Reverend Al Sharpton

“Deeply saddened at the news of the death of Cicely Tyson. She was the ultimate actress, artist, trailblazer and role model. Nobody possessed her grace, intellect, and sensitivity. I’m blessed to have known her and bathed in her wisdom. May she rest in Power and Peace.” — through Twitter

Robin Roberts

“Incredibly sad to learn of the passing of Cicely Tyson. She was a true icon in many ways. Whenever you were graced to be in her presence it was an unforgettable blessing. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones.” — through Twitter

Kim Fields

“All Hail… in the wake of your Power, Strength, Beauty, Grace AND SKILLS we bow down in gratitude. We forever will be lead by your light Queen Cicely” — through Twitter

Gabrielle Union

“We have lost a visionary, a leader, a lover, an author, an ICON, and one of the most talented actresses the world has ever seen. A life, a career, a fire to celebrated forevermore! #RIPCicelyTyson” — through Twitter

Laverne Cox

“To have gotten to be in the same room as you multiple times, is truly to have been in the presence of GREATNESS!!. There are no words, just all the feelings you’ve evoked in us all and the indescribable blueprint, legacy you leave for us all. Thank you REST IN POWER!” — through Twitter

Cynthia Nixon

“America has had a lot of great actresses, but none greater than Cicely Tyson. Rest in Power.” — through Twitter

Taraji P. Henson

“WOW…what a life!! Rest In Peace Cicely Tyson, you paved the way for SO many of us and I can’t express my gratitude enough! A true icon, legend, and showstopper—you will be truly missed.” — through Instagram

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.