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Holiday season Flu prevention and effects on heart health

EL PASO, Texas– Staying healthy this winter is top of mind for many as the holiday season continues to bring people together.

In collaboration with the American Heart Association, ABC-7 speaks to Daniel Acosta, Immunize El Paso Director about heart health and flu prevention during this time.

When contracting the Influenza virus some of the symptoms can include fever, cold, headache, and body aches.

Apart from the symptoms, Acosta said the flu can also put you at an increased risk for a heart attack or stroke if you have underlying conditions like Cardiovascular Disease.

To prevent from getting the flu, Acosta said Immunize El Paso has plenty of vaccations available, with no shortages.

He said the vaccine has an efficacy rate of 97%. He adds if you get exposed and infected having received the shot, symptoms are not as severe as if you had no protection.

Acosta recommends getting your influenza vaccine starting in September, but said it’s never too late.

“We typically see an influx, an increase in cases here in our area, January and February. But as the holidays approach and the family gatherings start to increase, it’s important so that you are protected,” said Acosta.

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