Hitman 3 trailer shows off the trilogy in VR

A brand-new trailer for Hit Man 3 is from an unknown point of view: Gamers will have the ability to take on all of the World of Assassination trilogy in virtual truth, and the gameplay video footage here provides us a much wider glimpse at what that’ll appear like in action on PlayStation VR. (You’ll need to enjoy it straight on YouTube here, given that the video is age-restricted due to, y’understand, assassinations.)

We get to translucent Representative 47’s eyes as he hacks, garrotes, and stalks his method through a range of spectacular worldwide places — and likewise as he makes the effort to stop and smell the roses or check out a paper while awaiting his target to go by. Hit man levels showcased in the trailer consist of Paris, Sapienza, and Hokkaido from 2016’s Hit Man; Hawke’s Bay and Miami from Hit Man 2; and Dubai and Dartmoor from Hit Man 3.

There are some quite fantastic minutes in the trailer, like punching a guard right in the face. That’s absolutely a little bit more gratifying in the very first individual, specifically given that Representative 47’s hands and arms are totally noticeable and animated. There are likewise a number of fast sneak peeks of set-pieces and circumstances that we can anticipate to see in the last video game. My individual favorite is shooting a male with a tranq weapon for a nonlethal kill that rapidly turns deadly as he topples off the edge of a catwalk into oblivion. Oops!

Hit Man 3 will be launched Jan. 20 on Google Stadia, Nintendo Change (through cloud streaming), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC (through the Legendary Games Shop), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. PSVR headsets work with both PS4 and PS5.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.