Hitman 3 players on PC can now import levels from the first 2 games

IO Interactive revealed Thursday that gamers on PC can now import levels from the very first 2 video games, that makes the whole World of Assassination trilogy available from Gunman 3. Gamers can import the levels from Gunman 1 and Gunman 2 by checking out the IO Interactive website, where the designer has actually established a three-step guide.

This function took a while to work out, and gamers weren’t able to import levels when Gunman 3 released on Jan. 20. Gunman 3 is presently an Impressive Games Shop special, and will stay so for a year. Nevertheless, Gunman 2 is just readily available on Steam, which resulted in the technical concern. IO revealed that it would start dealing with a service, which was echoed by Impressive Games in a declaration on social networks. “We never want players to feel forced to repurchase content on the Epic Game Store that they bought on another PC store so they can access features in a new game,” Impressive Games stated.

Now that this upgrade is live, gamers can begin to manage their most innovative murders throughout phases from all 3 video games. There will likely be future DLC objectives to play through in the kind of Escalation Agreements, however IO has yet to verify the specific nature or release window of any future material.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.