Hitman 3 DLC announced for February: Elusive Targets, Escalations, more

We currently understood that Hit Man 3 was getting more content quickly, however it ends up that designer IO Interactive currently has a complete slate of prepare for February. The studio will launch brand-new material each week throughout the whole month, according to a material roadmap released Thursday.

The majority of the brand-new material will concentrate on Escalation objectives, which are variations on the objectives that are currently in the video game. Escalation objectives supply brand-new criteria for existing objectives by doing things like altering the targets or making gamers remove them in extremely particular methods.

In the very first objective of the month, set up to come out on Feb. 4, IO will send out gamers back to Dartmoor — however this time, to remove every member of the rich Carlisle household while making each death appear like a mishap. On Feb. 18, gamers will get an Escalation objective called “The Sinbad Stringent,” which appears to function, knives, boxes, and a twist on Hit Man 3’s very first objective in Dubai, though IO didn’t enter into a lot of information.

Hitman 3’s content roadmap for February 2021

Image: IO Interactive

February’s brand-new material will likewise consist of 2 Included Agreements produced by MinnMax (Dubai) and KindaFunny (Dartmoor). An upgrade on Feb. 23 will offer gamers who own the Deluxe Edition of the video game brand-new products to finish both the Mendoza and Carpathian Mountains objectives in 2 Deluxe Escalations.

IO is likewise preparing to launch a video game upgrade that day, however the studio didn’t discuss what would remain in it. According to IO’s post, the spot will consist of bug repairs and a couple of tweaks to the video game, and it will prepare gamers for something called “The Initiation Protocol.” While this isn’t much to go on, IO stated that it would supply more info on the spot better to its real release date.

Lastly, IO will liquidate the month with brand-new Elusive Targets on the Sapienza map from the initial Hit Man, which will range from Feb. 26 to March 8. The video game’s Elusive Targets and Escalation Missions will be totally free for all gamers who own the video game — and Hit Man (2016) when it comes to Sapienza — while the Deluxe Material will be readily available just for gamers that own the Deluxe Edition of Hit Man 3.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.