History of Sandblasting in San Antonio

The history of sandblasting in San Antonio is long and rich. In the early twentieth century, the town of La Junta was one of the few that had the technology to do it. The next year, the first sandblaster hit the streets in the San Antonio area. It was operated by George Coughlin, who made his fortune in a small mill that manufactured the metal used to make the machine.


Sandblasting was a booming industry in the mid-to-late nineteenth century. As the railroad came into its second century, more people started to use the railroads to bring their products to markets. The railroad companies needed a way to clean up the sand that they transported for customers, and this is when sandblasting for railroad ties began to take off. By the end of the century, a million dollar a year industry was springing up in San Antonio.


As the sandblasting business expanded in San Antonio, the use of new materials and processes became common. A machine known as a drum sander was created. This type of equipment uses a rotary wheel and rotating rollers to rapidly grind out the fine grains of sand. This was a huge improvement over the older machines that just grind down the large grains.


In San Antonio, the city government made it very clear that they wanted to build a sandblasting plant for this industry. The original proposal was located on the site where it is today, in a place called Hill Country Estates. Although the plan was rejected, the city was able to keep the plant. The city still owns the land and has had to sell it to another company before the sands of the area have been used for any projects. The plant is used to get rid of the grit and gravel that are left from the grinding process and is a major help in keeping the grounds clean for everyone.


Sandblasting San Antonio is still very much in use today, but there are still some restrictions in place. The sandblasters need to be in good working order in order to be used and they must not damage the roads, sidewalks, or buildings in the vicinity. The use of the sandblaster is not allowed in some areas of the city or in certain neighborhoods. In these cases, it is necessary to use a more powerful machine that will not cause problems with the surrounding area. If a neighborhood has a high incidence of crime, then the city wants to be sure that the residents are safe, and does not allow for the use of the sandblaster in these areas.


Many homeowners and business owners in the City of San Antonio will never know this history, but they will always remember this sandblasting process. This is because the history was a major part of their daily lives. As homes were built, the sandblasters would be used to finish the job and leave nothing but smooth surfaces to mark the home.


There are several places in the world where the history of sandblasting is still being celebrated. Sandblasting in San Antonio is still a popular and exciting pastime and is not going away anytime soon. San Antonio is known around the world as a place of creativity and the most innovative city in Texas.


As long as there are people who live in San Antonio, there will be those who will enjoy the sandblasting process. Even if it is a temporary part of their lives, they will always remember the history of it and how it changed things in the area.