High Heels! blew up on Tiktok, and now everyone’s playing it

Almost every advertisement I see on TikTok is for this computer game about strolling in comically high-heeled shoes. High Heels! is inevitable — so I downloaded it this afternoon. The only break I’ve drawn from playing it is to compose this blog site. I’m caught in high heels prison and surrounded on all sides by advertisements for computer game about transformations.

I have actually enjoyed as my heels got so ludicrously high that my character — I’m playing as a knockoff Representative 47 from Gunman, total with the barcode neck tattoo — got pressed out of the screen. I have actually enjoyed him, in his rainbow-colored heels, topple off the continuous catwalk and ragdoll into the ether.

You might have seen the videos, too. Advertisements for High Heels! are all over TikTok and in free-to-play video gaming apps. Gameplay videos of High Heels! are likewise going viral on TikTok and Twitter. “I found a game for baddies,” one popular TikTok clip checks out. “You basically walk like a bad bitch in high heels. My ankles could never.” The video has actually been seen almost 4 million times.

This is, undoubtedly, the property of High Heels! As you gather heels on the challenge course, your shoes get greater. That’s vital, due to the fact that your shoes require to be greater than challenges to overcome them. After clearing a barrier, you’re torn down a couple of inches and require to gather more heels to make it to the event runway, where a circle of fans are awaiting you.

If you’re still puzzled, here’s what designer Rollic — which was obtained by casual video gaming powerhouse Zynga in 2015 — states about it on the App Shop:

Are you all set for the very best high heels video game EVER?

Look Out For the walls! The taller your heels are, the simpler it will be to get away from the walls. Various challenges await you at each level! There are rails where you need to spread your legs and slide, walls to leap, an adhere to balance and a big podium awaiting you at the end of the roadway. Amongst the lots of various devices you can purchase in the shop, there are buckles, pendants, pups in a bag, and angel wings. And most notably, you can discover heels with extremely various designs and colors to match your design!

Strolling on the heels will make you seem like a QUEEN!

Don’t forget! You require to select as numerous as high heels on the roadway so you can stroll on a podium!

There are a range of various challenges to stomp over, however my favorite of which is the split; to make it previous, your heels require to be long enough to hold you up as you straddle a space. The character (in my case, knockoff Representative 47, who I opened by viewing 3 advertisements) claps while moving.

Agent 47 recreated in High Heels!

Image: Rollic Games/Zynga by means of Polygon

Unsurprisingly, High Heels! has actually removed and is now a meme. You’ll wish to have a look at the Apple App Shop’s rankings and evaluations, of which there are plenty (simply under 38,000) detailing the fancy and funny methods the video game conserved lives. Here’s my theory: The video game is the ideal quantity of highly-satisfying gameplay and meme material paired with a gamer base that significantly wishes to be stepped on.

It’s likewise complimentary for Android gadgets on the Google Play shop. The advertisements are quite extreme, however there’s a paid variation, too.

Rollic’s High Heels! might be a temporary App Shop star, however the designer understands how to make a hit. Blob Runner 3D, another Rollic-made video game, is presently #2 on the App Shop.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.