HerdNation – Can Huff Equal Reilly

For beginners, to respond to the concern in the heading: No, not an opportunity. Check out till completion and you will discover why.

Marshall has a brand-new Head Football Coach!

Considering That my Terrific Granny Evelyn’s uncle George (Ford) stepped down as being the very first head coach of Marshall Football in 1904, Marshall has actually had 28 Head coaches. Charles Huff will be the 30th individual to lead the Marshall football group into action on Saturdays. ** Keep in mind – These numbers leave out Interim Head Coach Rick Minter’s one video game in 2009

Charles Huff signs up with the Herd after investing the last 2 years as the Partner Head Coach/Running Backs coach at Alabama. The 37 years of age Maryland local has actually likewise served stints at Mississippi State, Penn State, Western Michigan, Vanderbilt, Hampton, Maryland, Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech and with the Buffalo Costs. Huff will taking control of a Marshall group that ended up 7 – 3 after being ranked as high as 15 midway through the season.

Huff is called among the very best employers in the nation. He brought numerous high profile gamers to Alabama and Penn State. That list consists of 8 5 star gamers and a previous 4 star running back by the name of Saquan Barkley. One Alabama radio character tweeted that this loss is the greatest one yet, “besides Sark of course.”

Marshall’s very first head football coach was George Ford. Ford took control of the position in 1903. Football was played every year, other than for 1918 throughout World War I. Marshall played 116 years of football over that time duration. The 29 coaches over that time indicates that the typical period was best precisely 4 years.

Marshall’s perpetuity leader in wins is Bob Pruett with 94. Charlie Snyder is the perpetuity leader in losses with 58. Marshall’s perpetuity leader in ties, is Uncle George. George Ford completed his 2 year stint with at Marshall with a record of 4 – 4 – 4.

Marshall had numerous coaches with cool names. There is a Sonny, Doc, Herb, Tallman, and a Pearl. However the perpetuity biggest training name in Marshall football history comes from Skeeter Shelton. Shelton was the head coach at Marshall in 1921 and 1922. Shelton finished with a record 11 – 6 – 1. Shelton was also a Major League Baseball player. He was a native of Huntington. He played for the New York Yankees. His career batting average was .025. He had just one hit in 40 career at bats.

A Look at Each Head Coach’s Debut at Marshall:

Coach Huff is currently slated to coach his first game for the Herd on September 4th, on the road at Navy. How did other Marshall coaches fare in their first game on the sidelines for Marshall:

George Ford – 1903 – Tie Middleport High School 0 – 0

Alfred McCray – 1905 – Forfeit Win over Ashland High School, actual first game training was a 15 – 5 win over Kenova

Pearl Rardin – 1906 –Tie against Cincinnati 0 – 0

William Vinal – 1908 – Loss at Ohio, 59 – 0

Boyd Chambers – 1909 – Win against Charleston AC 12 – 0

Burton Shipley – 1917 – Forfeit win over Rio Grande, first game coaching was the following week in a record setting 94 to 0 loss to Denison. Shipley’s teams were outscored 345 to 7 on the year

Archer Reilly – 1919 – 76 – 0 win over Morris Harvey. Talk about a turnaround. Reilly gets that award. After Shipley’s dismal year, and no football in 1918, Reilly’s teams outscored its opponents 302 to 13.

Herbert Cramer – 1920 – 38 to 0 loss to Army. And yet another ridiculous turnaround. Marshall did not score all year, and gave up 247 points. Archer Reilly must have been pretty good.

Skeeter Shelton – 1921 – Skeeter led Marshall to a 0 – 0 tie against Marietta.

Harrison Briggs – 1923 – 41 to 0 loss to Kentucky

Russ Meredith – 1924 – 13 to 3 in over New River State

Charles Tallman – 1925 – 26 to 0 win over Glenville

John Maulbetsch – 1929 – 40 to 6 win over Glenville

Tom Dandelet – 1931 – 20 – 6 win over Morris Harvey

Cam Henderson – 1935 – 31 to 0 win over Concord

Pete Pederson – 1950 – A case of being the man that followed the man. 51 to 6 loss to Morehead

Herb Royer – 1953 – 7 – 0 loss at Virginia Tech

Charlie Snyder – 1959 – Loss 46 to 0 to VMI

Perry Moss – 1968 – 7 to 7 tie at Morehead

Rick Tolley – 1969 – 27 to 14 loss against Morehead

Jack Lengyel – 1971 – 29 to 6 loss against Morehead

Frank Ellwood – 1975 – Lost 20 to 8 against Akron

Sonny Randle – 1979 – 31 to 14 win against Toledo

Stan Parrish – 1984 – 33 to 10 win over West Virginia Tech

George Chaump – 1986 – 42 to 0 win over West Virginia Tech

Jim Donnan – 1990 – 28 to 14 win over Morehead State

Bob Pruett – 1996 – 55 to 27 win over Howard

Mark Snyder – 2005 – 36 to 24 win over William and Mary

Doc Holliday – 2010 – 45 to 7 loss at Ohio State

The previous 29 head coaches at Marshall are 15 – 10 – 4 in their first games at the helm. Doc Holliday’s loss at Ohio State is the only time a first-time head coach at Marshall has lost their opener since 1975. Sonny Randle was the only head coach in that time frame to notch a win against a FBS (I-A) school over the same time frame.

In conclusion. The question for Coach Huff is not if he can match Doc Holliday for wins against FBS schools, or Bob Pruett’s all time wins its can he be as good as Archer freaking Reilly. He coached one season of college football in his life. He started out on top, and rode into the Huntington sunset with a profession 8 – 0 record. It wasn’t simply the win loss record. It was the fact he took over a team that had been outscored by 338 points the previous year, went 8 – 0 while giving up only 13 total points. He then left, and Marshall failed to score the next season.

Where did Reilly go, he left to be the baseball coach at Marshall.

So, will Coach Huff match the success of Archer Reilly? No, but not even his previous boss, Nick Saban, could do that either and he has actually ended up being good.

Till then, welcome Head Coach Charles Huff!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.