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Healthy Animals, Healthy Tulsa participates in Tulsa Clean Up

For this year’s Tulsa Clean Up, the nonprofit partnership Healthy Animals, Healthy Tulsa participated by cleaning up the waterways and green spaces near the Woodland Hills Mall.

HAHT said they chose Woodland Hills as their cleanup location because of the ongoing efforts that their partner organization, T-Town TNR, is doing at the mall and its surrounding areas.

T-Town TNR has worked with Woodland Hill stores and management since 2017 to monitor, control, and treat the cat population, according to HAHT.

Keeping the cats healthy and their population controlled also helps control rodent and other pest populations in the Woodland Hills area.

“Helping keep the areas surrounding green spaces clean will aid T-Town TNR’s efforts to keep the mall cats, the public going to the mall, nearby businesses, and communities healthy,” said HAHT in their media release.

The organization said they believe animal welfare is an important indicator of the overall health in Tulsa and they will remain committed through initiatives like the Tulsa Clean Up.

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