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Harvard Medical School Drops Out of U.S. News Rankings | News

Harvard Medical School will no longer participate in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings, the school’s dean announced Tuesday, becoming the second of Harvard’s graduate schools to boycott the magazine.

The decision follows the withdrawal of top law schools from the magazine’s rankings, including Harvard Law School in November 2022. In a letter to affiliates, Harvard Medical School Dean George Q. Daley ’82 said he was inspired by “the courageous and bold moves by my respected colleague Dean John Manning of Harvard Law School and those of peer law schools.”

Daley said the decision to withdraw from the U.S. News rankings was based on fairness and equity concerns, citing incentives to cut back on aid to students with the most financial need.

“Rankings cannot meaningfully reflect the high aspirations for educational excellence, graduate preparedness, and compassionate and equitable patient care that we strive to foster in our medical education programs,” Daley wrote. “As unintended consequences, rankings create perverse incentives for institutions to report misleading or inaccurate data, set policies to boost rankings rather than nobler objectives, or divert financial aid from students with financial need to high-scoring students with means in order to maximize ranking criteria.”

In the most recent U.S News ranking, HMS ranked No. 1 for research. The magazine announced in early January that it would continue to rank boycotting law schools using an updated methodology.

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