Hamlin on balancing his role as a driver and new team owner

Hamlin, a triple Daytona 500 winner, who is looking for a 3rd successive win the Cup Series’ masterpiece occasion later on this month will integrate driving responsibilities in the #11 Toyota Camry device with running a group of his own issue along with NBA legend, Michael Jordan.

23XI Racing, which has actually signed Bubba Wallace to be its sole motorist will take pleasure in a technical alliance with Hamlin’s JGR clothing, with relied on Hamlin lieutenant Mike Wheeler brought aboard as team chief.

It is not unusual for Cup chauffeurs to likewise run groups in the lower ranks of NASCAR, such as Xfinity or Trucks, with Hamlin’s Gibbs colleague Kyle Busch typically ending up for his own group in the Truck Series.

Nevertheless, 44-time race winner Hamlin will end up being the very first motorist to race in Cup versus a cars and truck which he belongs owner because Tony Stewart in 2016, when the three-time champ contended in his last season for Stewart-Haas Racing.

“From my standpoint, I am really looking forward to going to the racetrack, and concentrating on one thing, and that is being a race car driver and getting the most out of it,” stated Hamlin.

For myself, I’ve seemed like February 1st was the date where I was type of done with the everyday for 23XI and I simply believe now my focus is now on the #11 group and how we can win a great deal of races and win a champion.

“That’s ultimately going to be the best thing for me in the long run, is to continue to be successful, and that will be a good thing for my race team as well.

“As long as I keep my on-track success, I can continue to be an asset and that is something that is good for them (23XI).”

“This is where my focus is now. I’ll spend a day, a day-and-a-half during the week, that I would typically have off in the middle of the week, to concentrate on 23XI, but my preparation time, my post-race time will be unchanged here on the driver’s side.”

Bubba Wallace, 23XI Racing livery

Bubba Wallace, 23XI Racing livery<span class="copyright">23XI Racing</span>
Bubba Wallace, 23XI Racing livery23XI Racing

23XI Racing

Offered Jordan’s prominent status as an NBA icon, Hamlin is likewise positive of the favorable modification 23XI can cause, in view of the series’ push in the in 2015 to increase variety, representation and produce a discussion with minorities.

“This is a platform that is a bit different, Michael Jordan has this huge following, and that following is now piquing and having an interest in NASCAR,” described Hamlin.

“We have a lot of people that had probably never attended a NASCAR race before that will now probably go.”

“It is running a race team, but it is also about a bigger message.

“It starts from the executive side, we are extremely diverse, so I really believe that hopefully we can continue to push change and make this sport even more inclusive.

“I think NASCAR has done a phenomenal job. They did great job last year with everything that went on, with the Confederate flag ban (which Wallace, the only full-time black driver in NASCAR was instrumental in after the murder of George Floyd and the protests that broke out in the aftermath) they are really pushing boundaries that they’ve never pushed before and certainly, if that opens up the fanbase for NASCAR, that is going be better for everyone.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.