Halo players love to drive vehicles into unexpected places

Have you actually ever played Halo: Battle Evolved if you haven’t tried to drive a Warthog into the map space at the end of Quiet Cartographer? Well, yes — however the tight-squeeze obstacle still seems like an important method to play Halo.

There are many areas along this course through which a Warthog need to not fit. You require to utilize a rocket launcher to steer the lorry through too little doors, develop driving methods to fit through tight corridors, utilize grenades to vibrate it through holes in the flooring — it’s difficult. And yet, we continue.

You see, driving Halo’s automobiles — like the UNSC Warthog, Covenant Banshee, and even among the 2 factions’ tanks — into locations they shouldn’t be is a conclusive, core part of the Halo experience. There are even some renowned lorry methods and obstacles, like the Warthog in the map space, or utilizing a Banshee to get the notorious Scarab Weapon in Halo 2.

As a growing number of Halo video games have actually been launched, gamers have actually continued the custom of packing automobiles in locations they have no factor to be. There’s no doubt in my mind that this will continue into Halo Infinite when it’s launched in December. In truth, gamers in the video game’s multiplayer beta have actually currently begun evaluating the limitations. Warthog on a Pelican, anybody? Obviously, it was more tough in Halo 4 and Halo 5 to get automobiles in various areas — a minimum of, for me — however here’s hoping that Halo Infinite will offer some enjoyable chances. Halo isn’t Halo without it.

Here’s to the gamers that continue. Take, for instance, this best usage for a Covenant lorry:

Or this gamer, figured out to go where no Scorpion has actually ever preceded:

And, lastly, 10 minutes of imaginative driving:

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.