Halo Infinite multiplayer has no gender option — only voice, body type

Halo: Reach was the very first Halo video game that let gamers tailor a female Spartan in multiplayer. Back in 2010, that felt innovative to me, although it wasn’t a considerable visual modification in regards to how the armor looked. Halo Infinite has actually made yet another leap forward in regards to personalization by eliminating the gender choice totally, rather enabling gamers to select in between 3 physique and 8 voice lines.

I’ve picked the tiniest physique for my Spartan and a womanly voice. I haven’t played enough multiplayer yet to have actually opened all of the positions offered — after all, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer only simply introduced today — however I rejoiced to see that every posture is offered to every gamer, despite their Spartan’s physique. That implies you can be an extremely muscular Spartan cocking their hip in the “Noble Confidence” posture:

A customized Spartan in Halo Infinite cocks their hip in the “Noble Confidence” pose selection screen

Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Video Game Studios through Polygon

In investigating this story, I found that there is a little however singing subsection of Halo fans who truly like the butt on the female Spartans in Halo: Reach and Halo 5. (According to these fans, the Halo 4 butt was not up to snuff.) I’m sorry to state that all of the butts in Halo Infinite look extremely comparable; there isn’t a great deal of physique variety amongst the 3 choices. They’re generally little, medium, and big — however the little isn’t that little, and the big isn’t that big. In the interest of openness, I’ve taken photos of all 3 butts for your perusal:

This is all utilizing the basic armor offered upon booting the multiplayer; I can’t speak with whether the butts will look much better in other unlockable armor in the future. Regardless, I’m grateful that Halo Infinite lets me tailor my character’s look in this method, without locking any of the alternatives into the gender binary.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.