Halo Infinite has a new cat helmet and I love it

I informed myself that I was not going to invest real cash on cosmetics in Halo Limitless. That I would be completely content with the choices opened in the project or fight pass development. I hadn’t even went to the multiplayer store. Then I saw somebody with a feline helmet throughout among my ranked matches.

I was not in control when I invested $10 just for the helmet, which is completely called “Purrfect Audio.” The Feline Enthusiasts package comes with a pink armor coloring, the feline ear helmet, and 2 weapon danglers — among a real feline, and among Kat’s helmet from Halo Reach. The pink armor and feline ears advise me of a headset that I utilize, which is pink and likewise has feline ears.

cat lovers bundle in halo infinite — a helmet with cat ears

Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Games Studio through Polygon

I like it.

And, obviously, so do plenty of other Halo Infinite gamers. I’ve seen a minimum of one feline helmet in the 5 matches I’ve played considering that very first seeing it Wednesday early morning — not including my own, obviously. I have actually likewise gotten a couple of compliments on it, too. Halo Infinite gamers on Reddit have actually likewise observed its appeal: “I have a hunch the cat ears are selling well,” one gamer composed beside a group lineup shot, consisting of 3 cat-ear helmets and one dispirited outsider.

Perhaps it’s a recommendation to the Halo 3 Legendary Edition cat-sized helmet. Maybe it’s a nod to Razer’s feline ear earphones. It might likewise be referencing fan art produced by 3D character artist Leo Varas, who turned among his characters into Meowster Chief — tail and all.

“I have been asking around on Twitter to see if it was actually my worker that inspired it, because then I could die happy,” Varas informed Polygon through e-mail. “In the meantime, I absolutely love the helmet and can’t wait to use it myself, whether I can claim credit for it or not!”

I’ve connected to Microsoft and 343 Industries to inquire about the feline helmet, and how long it will be offered. Individuals require to understand more.

Otherwise, Halo Infinite gamers can play the video game’s winter season occasion to get peppermint-colored equipment till Jan. 4. This vacation equipment is respectable, however it’s definitely no feline helmet.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.