Halo 3 fan believes Bungie put weed in the game

Since I initially saw it a month earlier, I’ve ended up being consumed with a video entitled, “Since When Does Halo Have Weed ?” It’s the best time pill from late 2007, when Halo 3 had actually simply come out. Its Theater mode and Forge level editor made it possible to quickly tape in-game video footage and check out every last information in the video game’s environments. There is no weed in Halo 3, however for some factor, YouTube user GamerHelper appears persuaded otherwise, as the video explains.

GamerHelper’s video, which is inexplicably accompanied by “Dire, Dire Docks” from the Super Mario 64 soundtrack, includes a sluggish expedition of Halo 3’s Guardian map. In specific, the video concentrates on the stunning, fernlike plants growing on the walls of different structures in the level. Most importantly, GamerHelper’s video starts with a title card advising the audience what they must be trying to find: “On The Map Guardian did you ever noticed that there was weed in it?”

As the video camera view focuses on the ferns, GamerHelper’s accompanying title cards handle a tone of increased bafflement and consternation. Initially, a concern: “Was Bungie On Weed?” Then: “What was bungie thinking?” Later On: “Bungie is Messed Up,” and, lastly: “Who Knows Why Bungie Did That?”

At long last, I can respond to GamerHelper’s concern, and I don’t even require main remark from Microsoft or Bungie to do it. There is no weed in the Halo 3 map Guardian (although, enjoyable reality, there are numerous imaginary leisure drugs in the Halo universe).

Those are ferns because video. This is weed:

A photograph of two people kneeling in a cannabis field in the outskirts of Kandahar, Afghanistan

Image: Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images

I can’t blame GamerHelper for their confusion, and I definitely hope they’ve made some essential discoveries given that 2007 about this subject. (I discovered GamerHelper’s old Xbox Live profile and sent them a message about this video, however I did not hear back. Unfortunately, I do not anticipate to ever hear back, given that their profile appears to have actually been unused given that 2008.) Promoting myself, I didn’t understand much about weed in 2007, either, and it wasn’t precisely simple to learn more about it.

Back in 2007, leisure cannabis hadn’t yet been legislated throughout the United States, which is where I live, and likewise where GamerHelper lives, according to their Xbox Live profile. It wasn’t till 2012 that Colorado and Washington legislated leisure cannabis, with other states gradually doing the same in the years ever since. Although mindsets had actually altered rather by 2007, with medical cannabis ending up being significantly accepted in the early 2000s, many individuals were (and still are) in jail for cannabis belongings.

In 2021, that has altered, with individuals across the political spectrum in the United States agreeing that cannabis should be legalized. It has actually become more socially acceptable to talk about partaking in weed while playing video games, too — two great tastes that have always tasted great together. That’s how a friend of a friend of mine ended up rediscovering this video.

It all started when Sullivan shared several screenshots of GamerHelper’s video on his Twitter account on Oct. 9. That’s how I first saw it, and it’s since become a joke among my friends to ask, “What was Bungie thinking?” I reached out to Sullivan to ask him how he even found this video, since it only has 1,443 views at the time of this writing.

“We were goofing around in voice chat, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what came up, but I searched ‘halo weed’ into YouTube,” he explained via Twitter DM. “It was like the third result, and I thought it was extremely hilarious. I opened it assuming there had to be some astonishing content inside it.” (I responded: “Which, of course, there is.”)

I’ve since watched this video dozens of times, and have shared it with several friends, co-workers, and now, Polygon readers. I’m as charmed by it today as I was when I first saw it. I can only hope that its creator comes forward to acknowledge their work.

Sullivan also hopes that GamerHelper will emerge from the mists of time to look back on their past creation, but he has another wish, too: “They should put weed in Halo Infinite — for them.”

I don’t disagree. Times have altered, Microsoft, and it wouldn’t be “messed up” of you to put weed in Halo Infinite. It would be very cool, actually. Master Chief has actually been under a lot of pressure for a really long time, and he is worthy of to unwind.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.