Hades is a roguelike even roguelike haters love

Hades is Polygon’s 2020 video game of the year, with excellent factor: It’s fresh take on the roguelike category has actually turned roguelike haters into roguelike fans. In the video above, I attempted to select precisely what it has to do with Hades that makes it so generally loved. It’s far from one little tweak: Supergiant Games crafted an experience that mastered every imaginable method, interesting as many individuals as possible with no compromises.

The gameplay is a difficult to put down, what-do-you-mean-it’s-already-4-in-the-morning type of enjoyable. The art is enchantingly stunning, the music elegant, and the narrative brimming with juicy drama. However what truly makes Hades stand apart is how all of these things work together with the video games ingenious handle death. Rather of the normal roguelike discomfort point, passing away in Hades can in fact move you forward. For more on what makes Hades such an outstanding video game (and roguelike) make certain to have a look at the video above.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.