GTA Online roleplayers celebrated Pride month with a massive parade

Driving around the streets of San Andreas in Grand Theft Vehicle Online is typically done at 140 miles per hour, outracing flying bikes, and listening to sweet tunes on the radio. However on a GTA Online role-playing server, life is a lot more peaceful. Individuals (primarily) follow traffic laws and stop to smell the roses. They even hold parades. On the New Day role-play server, the GTA neighborhood even united for an in-game Pride occasion.

“Myself as a player, I am a LGBT youth who is not as fortunate as others,” Peacheslatoure, the parade’s organizer, informed Polygon over Discord. “I use roleplay as an outlet to express who I wish I could be to the public.”

On the New Day server, Peacheslatoure plays Jeb Miller, who matured sofa browsing and trailer hopping in Sandy Shores. “A lot of LGBT youth daydream about moving to big cities and finding acceptance for who they are,” he stated. “I wanted my character to represent the dreams of LGBT youth and I wanted to spread awareness, especially during the special month of June.”

Grand Theft Auto Online - a collection of players dance with props on stage at a Pride parade

Image: Rockstar Games/New Day RP

Peacheslatoure, through his Jeb Miller character, belongs to the lively New Day neighborhood commemorating Pride with dances, beach celebrations, and the last Parade. The server’s Public Functions Department even came out to establish a main path through the city, and the in-game Twitter app illuminated with messages of assistance.

“Some people are not fortunate enough to go to a parade or celebration in real life, and I wanted to provide them with a way to celebrate through the comfort of their seats,” states Peacheslatoure.

As the organizer, Jeb based on the front float and saw the huge parade work its method down the streets. A DJ kept some ill royalty-free jams going, and nobody assaulted or otherwise prevented the parade. It was a simply conflict-free occasion, powered by role-players coming together to team up on mimicing a real life experience. It’s something that is just possible within the curated cultures of RP servers, and a far cry from the basic experience in among Rockstar Games’ online open worlds.

While a number of the gamers on these servers play polices and crooks, the areas surrounding that fundamental dispute live with subcultures and neighborhoods. Individuals play artists, activists, and a lot more ordinary civilian functions.

The bonds they establish exceed the remarkable stories and wild plot twists of Grand Theft Vehicle 5 or GTA Online. “Through roleplay I have found a family who accepts me for who I am and supports me in my creative endeavors,” Peacheslatoure stated.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.