GTA Online publisher smacks down another cheat seller

Legal hazards from Grand Theft Vehicle Online’s moms and dad business, Take-Two Interactive, eliminated popular PC cheat maker Luna Cheats over the weekend, and even got them to offer any cash they made to charity.

Luna Cheats’ site is now a single page, blank other than for a 50-word apology to the GTA Online neighborhood, and a pledge to “donate our proceeds to a charity designated by Take-Two.”

With Luna Cheats’ mod menu, GTA Online gamers might get in god or “semi-god” modes, warp their running or swimming speeds, restore armor and health, and likewise release a range of sorrow attacks on other gamers of the enormously multiplayer mode, like blowing them up or introducing their lorry into the environment. The capability to generate numerous cars and trucks can crash servers and bring the video game down for others, too.

Eurogamer, which initially reported the shutdown, kept in mind that hacking and modding abuses appeared to increase after Grand Theft Vehicle 5 was distributed complimentary on the Legendary Games Shop.

Grand Theft Vehicle Online is the relentless multiplayer world of 2013’s Grand Theft Vehicle 5, which still commands a huge audience (and microtransaction profits) nearly 8 years after launch. Hence it’s still a ripe target for cheat-makers.

Take-Two’s legal group has actually moved versus cheat sellers throughout the years; in 2018, they got an injunction in federal court closing down somebody who had actually made and offered 2 GTA Online mods that likewise enabled unfaithful and griefing, like Luna Cheats.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.