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Grandmaster Nightfall rotation & schedule – Destiny 2

Track which weapons are available and what Strike is coming up next with our GM Nightfall schedule for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 players in the endgame experience look to the Grandmaster Nightfalls for their rewards. These Nightfalls offer a bounty of loot, but also demand a lot from players with their unique modifiers and high Power requirement. Keep track of the Grandmaster Nightfall rotation and schedule each season with these helpful tables below.

GM Nightfall schedule – Season of the Haunted

The Season of the Haunted Grandmaster Nightfall schedule offers players a chance at some highly sought-after weapons, including D.F.A., Horror’s Least, and Silicon Neuroma.

GM Nightfall schedule & rotation – Season of the Haunted
Date Drops Nightfall Champions Shields Burns
July 5, 2022 Silicon Neuroma Proving Grounds Barrier, Unstoppable Arc, Solar, Void Solar
July 12, 2022 D.F.A. The Insight Terminus Barrier, Unstoppable Arc, Void Void
July 19, 2022 Duty Bound Warden of Nothing Barrier, Overload, Unstoppable Solar, Void Solar
July 26, 2022 Horror’s Least The Corrupted Overload, Unstoppable Arc, Solar, Void Arc
August 2, 2022 The Hothead The Inverted Spire Barrier, Unstoppable Arc, Solar, Void Arc
August 9, 2022 Plug One.1 The Arms Dealer Barrier, Unstoppable Solar, Void Solar
August 16, 2022 Silicon Neuroma Proving Grounds Barrier, Unstoppable Arc, Solar, Void Solar

Take a look at our enemy shield type guide for information on which enemy has what type of shield. There is also the Champion guide that details each races’ Champion type.

Grandmaster Nightfall modifiers

Image of Grandmaster Nightfall modifiers in Destiny 2
Each GM Nightfall will have the same base set of modifiers as well as unique modifiers.

While the above tables note the Champions, Shields, and Burns for each Grandmaster Nightfall each season, the following table gives an overview of every available modifier a GM Nightfall might have.

Grandmaster Nightfall modifiers
All GM Nightfalls have these modifiers
Modifier name Description
Grandmaster Modifiers Contest, Join In Progress Disabled, Champions: Mob, Locked Loadout, Match Game, Extra Shields
Extinguish If your fireteam falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to orbit.
Shielded Foes You will face combatants with: Arc and/or Solar and/or Void shields.
Champions: Mobs This mode contains additional Champions.
Limited Revives Limited fireteam revives. Gain additional revives by defeat Champions.
Equipment Locked You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts.
Match Game Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
Chaff Radar is disabled
Champion Foes You will face Barrier, Overload, and/or Unstoppable Champions. You must equip Anti-Champion mods.
Each GM Nightfall will have one active burn
Acute Arc Burn +25% Arc damage dealt and +50% Arc damage received.
Acute Solar Burn +25% Solar damage dealt and +50% Solar damage received.
Acute Void Burn +25% Void damage dealt and +50% Void damage received.
Each GM Nightfall may also have one of the following enemy modifiers
Arach-no! When defeated, Fallen Vandals spawn a web mine at their feet.
Epitaph Taken combatants generate blight geysers when defeated.
Fire Pit When defeated, Acolytes spawn fire pools that cause damage over time.
Pestilence When defeated, Psions spawn Void grenades at their feet.
Scorched Earth Enemies throw grenades significantly more often.
Shocker When defeated, Goblins spawn Arc pools that causes damage over time.
GM Nightfalls may also have Strike-specific modifiers
Grask’s Bile Incoming environmental damage increased. Knockback damage and distance increased.
Ignovun’s Challenge Incoming splash damage increased. Knockback damage and distance increased. 
Kargen’s Stratagem Incoming Void and environmental damage increased.
Modular Algorithm Incoming Arc and environmental damage increased.
Navota’s Abandon Incoming Arc and environmental damage increased.
Sedia’s Durance Arc damage increased. Knockback damage and distance increased.
GM Nightfalls may also receive a loot or XP buff
Double Vanguard Rank All Vanguard Rank points earned are doubled.
Double Nightfall Drops All Nightfall loot drops are doubled.

This list will likely expand or contract as Bungie adds and removes modifiers. Note that the modifier labelled “Grandmaster Modifiers” is a modifier that includes a lot of other, repeated modifiers. However, it does include Contest (locking players at a maximum Power), Join In Progress Disabled (self-explanatory), and Extra Shields.

Grandmaster Nightfall catch-up node

Image of Grandmaster Nightfall catch-up node in Destiny 2 showing all six available Nightfalls
Those who Gilded the Conqueror Title the previous season can access the GM Nightfall catch-up node.
Source: Junktown

Introduced during Season of the Lost, the Grandmaster catch-up node allows players who have Gilded their Conqueror Title to play every single Grandmaster Nightfall of the season the moment the activity unlocks.

Here are some points to remember about the GM catch-up node:

  • Only available if you Gilded the Conqueror Title the previous season
  • Disappears once you Gild the Conqueror Title in the current season
  • Each Nightfall in the node can be completed once
  • Weapon drops are locked to the weekly drops
  • Non-Gilded players can play only if the Fireteam leader has access to the node

The GM catch-up node gives players a headstart on Gilding the current season’s Conqueror Title. Players might also wish to save completing the Nightfalls until the weekly weapon is one they want. For example, during Season of the Haunted, you might want to save all six Nightfalls for when Horror’s Least is available so you can avoid farming The Corrupted.

Keep in mind that completing a Nightfall in the GM catch-up node will remove it from the available list. You will then only be able to complete the Nightfall when it becomes available in rotation.

Though there is a lot to learn about GM Nightfalls in Destiny 2, engaging with this endgame content is worth it for the weapons and resources. Keep an eye on this Grandmaster Nightfall schedule and rotation as we update it each season. For more information and data, check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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