Grand Theft Auto trilogy remaster leaks in new rating

A brand-new ranking for Grand Theft Automobile: The Trilogy – Conclusive Edition appears to confirm reports that a remaster of the initial PlayStation 2 and Xbox-era trilogy is pertaining to contemporary platforms.

Korea’s Video game Score and Administration Committee, usually a trusted indication of releases, just recently released a score for Grand Theft Automobile: The Trilogy – Conclusive Edition for undefined platforms from publisher Take-Two Interactive. Take-Two has actually not revealed the Conclusive Edition release, however the publisher stated in August that it has 3 “new iterations of previously released titles,” which it refers to as “ports and remastered titles,” in its pipeline.

A remaster of the trilogy — Grand Theft Automobile 3, Grand Theft Automobile: Vice City, and Grand Theft Automobile: San Andreas — has long been reported. A report from Kotaku in August, pointing out sources, stated that the 3 video games are being remastered in Unreal Engine with a mix of brand-new and old graphics, along with an upgraded (however still traditional) interface.

A Rockstar Games representative did not supply discuss the ranking when called by Polygon.

Rockstar Games currently releases those Grand Theft Automobile video games under the title Grand Theft Automobile: The Trilogy for other platforms, according to listings on the PlayStation Shop for PlayStation 4 and Steam for Windows PC.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.