Gordon Ramsay hadn’t heard of Twitch so Felix “xQc” Lengyel reached out

Throughout the years, Gordon Ramsay has actually both seduced and horrified audiences with his mix of hot-headed mood, and uncomplicated mindset. The star chef, maybe most understood for hosting series like Hell’s Kitchen area and MasterChef, has actually been catapulted to popularity. His latest turn in the spotlight is due to the fact that he’s charmed everybody by not understanding what Twitch is — in spite of his programs being extremely popular on the live-stream platform.

It began with the launch of Ramsay’s brand-new program, Next Level Chef, where he and other leading chefs assembled the groups of other chefs. According to the program’s introduction, this is Ramsay’s very first brand-new cooking contest program in 12 years (it debuted Jan. 2 on Fox).

The viral video, commonly flowing on Twitter, consists of a clip from the very first episode where each chef “drafts” their group for the bigger competitors. In it, a chef called Tricia Wang presents herself after Ramsay selects her for his group. (The evaluating chefs did a blind trial run of meals prepared by those completing for slots on each chef’s group.) In the clip, Ramsay asked Wang what she provides for a living, and she stated that she streams a cooking program on Twitch.

“What the fuck is Twitch,” Ramsay reacted, with his normal etiquette.

“Honestly I was still overwhelmed with being picked by Chef Ramsay and was so busy crying that I didn’t process what he said, otherwise I think I would have laughed my face off,” Wang informed Polygon over e-mail. (She prepared scallops, in case you were questioning what caught Ramsay’s taste buds.) Wang published the clip on Twitter, which you can see listed below.

Ramsay has actually leaned into the goof. He sent out a Tweet acknowledging the clip and asked the main Twitch account if he might get a lesson on what the platform is. Sometimes of publication, Ramsay’s Twitter bio on his main page checks out, “Always near food … doesn’t know what Twitch is.” The chef likewise responded to the popular banner, Félix “xQc” Lengyel, with a quip about being the “Next Level Streamer.”

Ramsay and his programs are extremely popular on Twitch. In December, popular range banners like Lengyel and Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker streamed themselves viewing and responding to Ramsay on MasterChef. Ramsay’s overblown mindset and piercing one-liners are a best suitable for Twitch clips. At one point, the pattern even stood out of Season 3 winner Christine Hà.

Ramsay, 55, has actually been a tv character given that a docuseries launching in 1999, with Hell’s Kitchen area (2004) releasing him into mainstream fame. Thanks to some sharp impulses, and an even sharper tongue, he has actually remained appropriate over the previous twenty years, and has actually ended up being an early adopter of other social networks platforms — that makes it particularly amusing that he had no concept what Twitch was.

Ramsay might be brand-new to Jerk, however he’s frequently popular on TikTok, where he makes lovely videos with his child, Matilda. Now all we require is for him to stream them live.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.