Gord is a spooky city builder with Witcher and Frostpunk vibes

Gord is a brand-new dark dream experience video game concerning PC in 2022, with components of city structure, survival, and technique video games, all covered in scary Slavic folklore. And if you get any dark Witcher or Frostpunk vibes from the video game’s launching trailer, there’s an excellent factor for that: Gord is the launching title from Covenant, a brand-new Polish video game studio established by previous CD Projekt Red and 11 bit studios manufacturer Stan Simply.

In Gord, gamers are charged with growing their settlement, safeguarding their residents from opponent people and beasts, and venturing out on missions. Gamers will need to hound famous animals, consisting of huge spiders and other grotesqueries, on AI-powered missions in the video game’s single-player story. They’ll likewise need to handle the peace of mind and psychological concern of their fellow travelers and residents. To secure themselves, gamers will have spells and necromancies at their disposal to ward off the powers of darkness.

In a sneak peek of the video game recently, Polygon was informed that Gord shares comparable mechanics with video games like Northgard and Frostpunk, in addition to Darkest Dungeon and Don’t Starve. The Windows PC video game is readily available to wishlist on Steam now.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.