GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Says Next 48 Hours Will Be Among the Worst For the Republican Party

The polls weren’t great this past election season. If they were more accurate, tonight’s special election in Georgia would not be for control of the senate, Democrats would already have it.

That does not mean, however, that people aren’t still interested in what top pollsters had to say. This morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box, host Andrew Ross Sorkin spoke to long-time GOP pollster Frank Luntz about the race. Luntz did not have good news for Republicans.

Luntz began the segment saying, “The Democrats are more energized. The Democrats are much more united. And I want to raise this one point. Donald Trump, in his first few seconds when he came to speak to his rally, did not talk about the two Senate candidates, he spoke about his own being robbed. He told them that he won in a landslide! And all this does is depress Republican turnout!”

The pollster continued, “Democrats are voting in record numbers the last two to three weeks. Republicans are being told to stay home. And Donald Trump, when he shows up to deliver that final rallying cry, he spends as much time talking about his own election as he does about the Republicans.”

Luntz then brought up the infighting currently going on in the GOP over Trump. “You don’t do that now,” he said, “when you’re this close to the most important election, literally, in a lifetime. In Washington, I think the next 48 hours are going to be among the worst in the Republican party.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long added to this report.