Google Stadia now has a search bar — 16 months after launch

Excellent news for those who play video games with Stadia, the streaming service from Google, the around the world leader in browsing: Google Stadia has a search function.

Not yet, however. A post Wednesday stated search would reach all gamers today. However “it will make finding your favorite games much easier.” Vibrant declaration!

Here’s a contrast of Stadia’s landing page prior to … and after … the upcoming modification.

For those keeping rating (our brother or sisters at The Brink are!) that’s 526 days because Google Stadia released, prior to it included the function that made Google important to all stages of contemporary life.

Prior To this, Stadia’s library of 172 video games was … well, we’re not exactly sure how one browsed it. They simply paged through, one after the other, in hopes of discovering something that captured their attention, I expect.

Anyhow, Stadia’s online forum post about the groundbreaking search ability has lots of not-sure-if-serious replies applauding the the interface’s huge leap for humanity. For instance, establishing Stadia customer RagingJacob states:

“I am totally over the moon with this amazing news Let’s Go! ”

And here’s another fan (once again, thrilled for a tab revitalize? Not sure if serious):

YES! Keep it coming. Dead platform my backside. Looking forward to that explore tab revitalize.

That “dead platform” feint recommendations the less-enthusiastic sensation lots of have for Google’s video gaming undertaking, 2 years after a headline-dominating statement at GDC 2019, plus the truth Google closed down its internal studio and first-party advancement for its platform. In February, Kotaku estimated an unnamed expert as calling Google “a terrible place to make games. Imagine Amazon, but under-resourced.”

Anyhow, if folks actually are fired up about a search function, they’ll like what’s on deck: sortable libraries, so gamers can organize their collection by totally free, acquired, and Stadia Pro gain access to video games, and an activity feed.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.