Glittering Sword Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Not every video game can be ranked entirely by screenshots. It resembles a human’s essence that can’t be determined by a staged image. And therefore Flashing Sword is not that type of video game that some might believe evaluating by screenshots or trailer. On the very first glimpse it appears like normal action-adventure, like numerous other timeless titles from the 90’s. Flashing Sword is complete with the spiritual referrals to these classical video gaming brand names, and it’s glossy and well balanced visual setting assists the gamer to dive into the unforgettable experience. Finest method to explain this video game by expression: «dream experience embeded in a comfortable world with Sokoban-style puzzles». Here, each screen is the private place with traps, opponents, websites and switches, and the gamer requires to find out the precise order of finishing things properly. The more you play Flashing Sword, the more difficult it gets with traps being a growing number of fatal, and the opponents end up being harder. We hope that gamers who are addicted to experience video games will fall in love with this little however extremely amusing video game.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.