Glenn Youngkin Is Running Scared As He Refuses To Participate In Trump Virginia Tele Town Hall

Republican gubernatorial prospect Glenn Youngkin is so scared of being seen with Trump in any method that he will not take part in a virtual city center.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted:

Youngkin is frightened of being seen with Trump. He made it clear that he accepts Trump’s recommendation however doesn’t wish to be seen or associated with the poisonous 1/6 coup mastermind prior to the election.

Glenn Youngkin is attempting to manage a complex tightrope walk where he gets Trump’s citizens without Trump. Because Trump showed up on the nationwide political scene, no Republican prospect has actually had the ability to pull this off.

The Trump stank is too extreme. If a Republican formerly hadn’t stood with Trump, they would be penalized at the surveys.

For all of the Republican enjoyment about the surveys in Virginia, there is one crucial truth recommending that Democrats might still, and possibly are, somewhat preferred to win. Youngkin has yet to develop a lead in any unbiased survey. If this race is close on election day, Virginia’s blue lean might put McAuliffe over the top.

Glenn Youngkin has actually made it main. He is so terrified of Trump infecting his project and sinking his opportunities of triumph that he won’t even appear practically with the twice impeached stopped working previous one-term president.


Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.