Give Them Hugs and Let Them Play, by Michelle Malkin

I still can’t overcome the scary phenomenon of Dr. Marc Siegel, a New york city University teacher of medication, emphatically hawking “No Hugs Please” buttons for all schoolchildren recently.

“Let’s give our kids all of these pins, ‘No Hugs Please,’” Dr. Siegel prompted Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “Let’s show our kids courage. They’re looking to parents for leadership,” he firmly insisted. “Vaccines are gonna emerge, we’re gonna beat this thing, and then this” — Dr. Siegel waved his yellow badge — “goes in the garbage!”

Such fanaticism is neither “courage” nor “leadership.” It’s pure pandemic pornography — and it’s making our kids ill. “No Vaccine, No Touch, No School” is a dish for causing and worsening generational stress and anxiety, desolation, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive condition, existential angst, self-harm and suicide on an extraordinary scale.

The Hug Patrol have no clinical leg to base on when it concerns promoting heavy-handed no-contact programs for trainees. Empirical information on COVID-19 transmission amongst kids in instructional settings are limited, as a Lancet research study released recently acknowledged. Australian scientists reported exceptionally low transmission rates in schools and daycare, concluding that the information “suggest children are unlikely to initiate, or propagate, outbreaks.”

Furthermore, the Aussie group kept in mind, “Studies from multiple countries have consistently shown lower rates of COVID-19 and mild disease in children compared with adults, even in settings with much higher population-based disease rates than Australia.” Greek and Swiss scientists reached comparable conclusions relating to the low danger of child-to-child and child-to-adult transmissions. The Greek research study, released in the Journal of Medical Virology, likewise reported on the greater frequency of moderate signs or asymptomatic action in contaminated kids versus contaminated grownups.

A different evaluation of 16 research studies including kids and the coronavirus released in the Journal of Global Health last month “identified only two studies reporting outbreaks of COVID-19 in school settings,” with “data from population-based studies in Iceland, Italy, South Korea, Netherlands, California and a hospital-based study in the UK suggest(ing) children may be less likely to be infected.”

Shutting kids out of a regular presence is contaminating them with hazardous concern, isolation and panic. The Centers for Illness Control launched brand-new statistics recently revealing almost 41% of study participants with “at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition,” consisting of “symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder (30.9%), symptoms of a trauma- and stressor-related disorder related to the pandemic (26.3%).” Amongst 18-24-year-olds, more than 1 in 4 had actually pondered suicide on the last 1 month. Previous CDC reports have actually determined suicide as the 2nd leading cause of death for pre-teenagers and teens.


Mask hysteria, selective social distancing theater, dystopian online knowing plans and the cancellation of the activities kids hold near and dear to them are not assisting. Fear-mongers, power-grabbers and data-miners are rejecting trainees important sunlight, fresh air, workout, relationship, hugs and high-fives. (On the other hand, back in Wuhan, China, the center of the coronavirus break out, youths have actually gone back to class and are partying at music celebrations and water parks.)

The University of Wisconsin launched a research study in July that discovered that almost 70% of American high school professional athletes who got news this year about canceled sports are experiencing stress and anxiety and anxiety “at levels that would typically require medical intervention” — up 37% from previous research studies. In Ohio, where moms and dads and kids have opposed school cancellations with heart-breaking indications checking out “LET US PLAY!” Lt. Gov Jon Husted tweeted:

“What’s the greater risk to people under age 25, canceling in-person learning & extracurriculars (sports) to protect them from COVID or leaving it to chance how they’ll fill this time?”

School music programs in Ohio, Montana and Kentucky have actually been likewise annihilated. Indiana’s state music association canceled the competitive marching band season. At my Colorado Springs high school boy’s school district, some sports have actually resumed, however his musical comedy productions were prohibited and his funny improv performers was canceled. In the age of COVID-19, kid “safety” indicates no jokes permitted!

Many youth choirs are now virtual, with education authorities pointing out a single COVID-19 break out including an adult choir in Skagit County, Washington, back in March. More than 75% of those vocalists significantly impacted were age 65 or older. However the kids should pay.

Science, biology and common sense are clear: A contactless world is a miserable world. If ever a cure were worse than the disease, the prolonged pandemic lockdown of our young people is it. Adult courage and leadership mean rising up against the control freaks for our kids’s health, peace of mind and futures. Provide hugs. Let them play. Restore their lives prior to we separate them all to death.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.