Giada De Laurentiis says her former addiction to sugar inspired her latest book

“Sugar was a crutch to get my energy up,” she stated. “Sometimes it would be as basic as taking a sugar cube, dipping it in espresso and eating that directly. I ate jam directly from a container…Over time all of that and those cravings, once you’re introduced to sugar it’s very difficult to break. It’s like a drug.”

De Laurentiis stated her signs initially started ten years back which she was working on overdrive. In between her many tv looks, book trips and total requiring schedule, she understood that something wasn’t right.

“I started feeling tired, really tired, really foggy. Interrupted sleep, where I couldn’t sleep for hours in a row, lots of bloating and sinus infections,” she stated.

After 2 years of taking prescription antibiotics for returning sinus problems, she states she started having digestion problems. That’s when De Laurentiis states she started to get rid of sugar, dairy, gluten and fine-tuned sugars from her life.

“I started to slowly decrease those things in my diet,” she stated. “I told myself, ‘I’m going to start for three days, then slowly re-introduce it.’ Almost immediately I realized what inflames my body and that sugar and dairy really inflame my body.”

In her brand-new book she motivates her readers to do her 3 day reboot.

“Most integrated doctors will tell you it takes at least a week, but I found three days is a really great way to feel relief,” she stated. “In the three days, it is food. I’m not saying to go on a cleanse and have liquids all day. It’s just so your body has a minute to breathe.”

However how does a chef, who’s Italian dishes made her a home name, discover alternative to those tacky meals?

“I knew I can’t cut out cheese! I eat parmigiano with almost every meal,” De Laurentiis stated. “What I did was find ways to enjoy it but minimize the amounts I was using.”

The star chef states the book, which is on sale now, took 3 years to compose.

“The recipes were hard for me,” she stated. “When you’re so used to cooking a certain way it’s not easy to streamline things. ‘How am I going to flavor this chicken and not use anything that’s pre-packaged?’ Your crutch as a chef can be a lot of stuff that’s pre-packaged and you don’t even realize it.”

However for De Laurentiis, she would not return and alter a thing.

“If I look back, would I have changed some things? No,” she stated. “Because that’s the journey. I got to know myself more now between 40 to 50. Am I saying I only eat this way from this point on? No. I had to learn how to adapt to a new version of me.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.